Pope Francis: It is selfish to choose pets over children.

The Pope made the remarks Wednesday, while speaking to a general audience regarding Saint Joseph. Jesus’ earthly father.

Francis was applauding Joseph for his decision to raise Jesus as “amongst the highest forms of loving” when he moved on to the topic of adoption today and orphaned children. He then focused on the couples who choose to adopt animals over children.

“We have seen that people don’t want children or only one. Numerous couples are not able to have children either because they don’t want or because they already have one. However, they do have two dogs and two cats. “Yes, cats and dogs take the place of children,” said the Pope. It is funny and I can understand it. But it is reality. It takes away our humanity and diminishes our fatherhood and motherhood. This is how civilization becomes old and devoid of humanity. It loses the richness and fatherhood of motherhood and fatherhood. Our homeland is a victim because it doesn’t have children.

Although the Pope’s comments are surprising, they echo the Catholic Church teachings on the importance of parents having or raising children and the possible demographic consequences.

Francis suggested that couples who can’t have children biologically should consider adopting.

Francis spoke out, saying that there are many children around the world waiting for someone to look after them. “Having a child, whether it is natural or adopted, is always a risk. It is safer to not have them. It is more risky to deny fatherhood or to deny momhood, whether it be spiritual or real.

Francis had many animal-related problems during his pontificate. Similar remarks were made about how couples should prioritize pets.2014. His comments 2016They were originally interpreted to mean that animals go up to heaven. But, that interpretation was later challenged.

The Pope has however been photographed with many animals over time. He has been photographed with a koala, a tiger and dogs, as well as holding birds and carrying a lamb on one of his shoulders.