Spain’s divorce court will take into account the well-being of pets

The judges are required to take into account pets and follow similar steps in Portugal and France. sentient beings Instead of objects owned by one partner or the other, this trend was already in place before the law was passed.

Lola Garcia (42), said that animals are part of a family. “When a family decides not to continue living together, the fates of the animal and other family members must be treated with the same respect,” Lola Garcia.

A Madrid judge granted joint custody to a couple seeking a court ruling about who the dog should live with after separation. Each dog is legally responsible and spends one month with them.

Garcia, whose Rights&Animals firm handled the case, considers the reform a major first step in a series of forthcoming legal changes governing people’s relationship with animals.

Spain has the highest level of pet ownership among European countries. The left-leaning coalition government plans additional legislation to strengthen animal rights. These include a ban against wild animals being kept in circuses and an end to the sale and purchase of pets from shops.

The nation is still divided by the legacy of bullfighting. This hotly contested issue in animal rights is unlikely to be resolved anytime soon.

A lawyer seeking joint custody of a pet must prove that both of the owners of the animal were an object. This gives the owner of the pet the advantage.

Garcia explained that now a judge must decide which animal will fare the best and that decision is made based on the animal’s well-being.

An individual who is financially stable or has been granted custody over their children’s children has a greater chance to secure custody of any pets.

Rodrigo Costavilas (31) a psychologist, was walking his dog in Madrid Rio Park, and he praised the new law.

“This will reduce the number of animals that are abandoned or poorly treated.”