Malaysia warns of floods after Prime Minister acknowledges failure in rescue efforts

After torrential rains last Friday that caused flooding in eight of the United States’ states, the country mobilized their army and other security services.

Authorities are criticizedThe public and lawmakers were criticized for their slow response. Some people were trapped in floodwaters for over two days before they were rescued, especially in Selangor which is the richest and most populous part of the country.

According to Bernama TV’s broadcast, Tuesday’s Prime Minister admitted that federal security agencies had not responded in time.

Ismail Sabri declared, “I don’t deny (the flaws) and will improve in future.”

“The federal government is not the only one responsible, but the state governments are also accountable, and the frontliners in the fight for justice are the districts.”

According to the Meteorological Department, Malaysia could experience more flooding as a tropical storm moves toward four states in Malaysia’s northern region.

The department stated in a statement that “this situation could cause continuous rain and strong winds in northern states… which could lead to flooding at low-level areas.”

According to Amirudin Shari, the death toll from floods in Selangor rose to 17 on Tuesday. More than 30,000 people were moved to temporary shelters.

According to the national disaster management office, almost 63,000 people were affected by the storm as of Tuesday.