France Covid-19: France’s Education Minister is criticized for announcing Ibiza restrictions

Jean-Michel Blanquer said Tuesday that he regretted Ibiza’s symbolism.

But he admitted his regret. “In winter it isn’t at all like summer,” he said to French TV channel TF1 Tuesday. “I was just outside in contact with government.”

Blanquer revealed the measures during a telephone interview with French newspaper Le Parisien. It was published January 2, according to the magazine’s editor. However, reporters didn’t know that he was in Spain at that time.

To avoid classes being closed, the measures included increased testing of school-age children after a classmate tested positive.

Guislaine Dave, spokesperson for SNUipp FSU said Wednesday that “there’s really a disconnect between what Ibiza represents” and the daily lives of colleagues before the return to school. Franceinfo was contacted by Guislaine. French teachers went on strike January 13 against the Covid-19 policies.

Blanquer, speaking before the National Assembly, stated that his presence on Ibiza did no affect his decision to use Covid-19 protocols for schools or his ability as minister education. Blanquer was not in violation of French travel restrictions when he went on vacation to Spain.

France reported Tuesday a record 464 769 new Covid-19 patients in a single day. This surpasses its previous daily record of almost 100,000 cases last week, according to French data. Johns Hopkins University reports that the death toll rose to 128,629 in the country, with 375 more people dying.