56 people died in an Ethiopian airstrike in northwest Tigray, according to aid workers

The government’s spokesman Legesse Tuulu and Colonel Getnet Adane, the military spokesman, did not respond immediately to our requests for comment. The government previously denied targeting civilians during the 14-month conflict against rebel Tigrayan troops.

The two aid workers who requested anonymity because they aren’t authorized to talk to media said that the number of deaths was confirmed by local authorities.

Reuters was sent photos by aid workers that they claimed to have taken of the hospitalized, including many children.
According to aid workers, the strike occurred in Dedebit in the northwest region of the country near the border with Eritrea late Friday night.

Shire Shul General Hospital is where injured patients were treated by an aid worker. He said that many children and old women are found in the camp.

“They said that the bombs had struck at midnight. The aid worker stated that it was dark outside and they couldn’t escape.

In November 2020, Ethiopian federal forces went to war against rebellious Tigrayan force.

According to a document that aid agencies prepared and shared with Reuters, at least 146 people had been killed and 213 were injured in Tigray air strikes since Oct. 18th.