Denmark’s spy chief is held in prison over leaking classified information

Lars Findsen was the head of Denmark’s foreign intelligence service. He was arrested in December for leaking classified information. After a Copenhagen court lifted an interdict that had prevented him from being publicly identified, his name was released.

After what the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (also known as PET) described as a “long investigation of leaks” within the intelligence services, Findsen, was arrested December 9. According to the statement, the trial is ongoing.

At the time Findsen’s December arrest, the intelligence service claimed that the four individuals arrested were both current and ex-pet employees as well employees of DDIS. Since 2015, Findsen has been head of DDIS.

He was previously the head of the Police Intelligence Service as well as a department head at The Danish Ministry of Defense.

The case is not known in detail, including the nature and extent of the alleged leaks. The trial is being conducted behind closed doors.

PET stated that the four individuals were being charged under section109(1) of Danish Criminal Code. This sentence carries a maximum of 12 years imprisonment.

Lars Kjeldsen is Findsen’s attorney and he told CNN that his client “denies all of the charges” against him. He stated that the next closed door hearing of the trial was scheduled for one month.

CNN was also informed by Kjeldsen that Findsen requested that the Copenhagen City Court lift the ban on the name.

CNN reached out to the Danish intelligence agency for more information about the charges. They said they did not have any further comment.