World Juniors 2022 Stream Guide, Tournament Format & Players Entry- Eligibility

Waiting for the next series of the World juniors Ice hockey championship? Perhaps, you’re a real fan of this game and cannot afford to miss the series.

Although there is a pandemic situation outside, this cannot stop the excitement of the Junior Ice hockey championship. You must enjoy the game, whether it is from your home or out of the home.

The Junior world championship is one of the most famous annual and attention-seeking games in the World. The Ice hockey Federation has been organizing this event every year starting since 1977.

The junior ice hockey championship takes in all the players under 20 age as per the game’s name. If you’re excited about the upcoming match of the World juniors 2022, then this article is for you!

Keep reading on to know the multiple processes of watching the world juniors 2022 streaming online!

Where the IIHF World Junior 2022 Is Held and What Time?

The IIHF world junior championship is one of the exciting games that gathers many people in a place. As an Ice hockey fan, it is obvious that you want to enjoy the matching seating in the gallery.

The IIHF World junior will start from 26 December, Thursday, and last till 5 January 2022. The tournament of the junior world cup is divided into groups – Group A and Group B.

The matches of both groups will be organized Parallelly in two different places of Canada. The matches of group A will be held in Werk Arena Stadium, Trinec. Conversely, the matches of group B will be held in Ostrava Arena, Ostrava.

Unluckily these stadiums don’t have the same capacity of holding the crowd. The Ostrava Arena can handle around 12500 people; whereas, the Werk Arena stadium can hold only 5400 people.

However, this means the seat of the Werk Arena stadium is more limited than the Ostrava Arena. Due to this reason, there are a lower number of tickets sold for the Werk stadium.

Who Will Host World Juniors 2022?

Hockey Canada will host the World juniors ice hockey championship 2022 Edmonton and Red Deer.

How to Watch IIHF World Juniors 2022 Live Online?

Due to the COVID situation, indoor are preferable for the viewers to enjoy IIHF world juniors. Thousands of people will cancel their plans to enjoy the game in the stadium.

So, here we have enlisted multiple ways of enjoying the IIHF game from your home. Indeed, watching live telecasts online hardly affects the excitement you get from the game.

Step 1: Identify A Suitable Viewing Site

Don’t want to miss the competition of World juniors 2022? Of course, you wouldn’t! That’s because you’re a real fan of Ice hockey.

In that case, firstly, you’ll need to find a suitable website to watch the game’s live stream. Netflix and Roku are two sites that are popular for live streaming.

Regardless, many cheap, quicker, or free websites broadcast the Ice hockey world juniors. But it depends on the country where you’re living. We’ll discuss it later.

Step 2: Get the Necessary Gadget

If you want to enjoy the IIHF live streaming without disturbance, buy the necessary gadget first. The smart gadget includes the smart television, laptop, computer, etcetera.

But, if you don’t have any of these, you mightn’t manage to watch live hockey streaming.

Step 3: Enroll in An Appropriate Subscription

It isn’t always possible to get a free website to watch live streaming. Your country mightn’t support the free live streaming website or application. In that case, you might’ve to spend some dollars on the subscription fee of that specific website.

However, several sites need a subscription before enjoying, although it’s free. So, you must be subscribed. 

Step 4: Purchase the Relevant Data Plan

You must purchase the relevant data plan to enjoy the live streaming of World juniors 2022. This event is going to last for 11 days. So, you must keep this fact in mind when you’re purchasing the relevant data plan.

Step 5: Take Note of The Tournament’s Broadcast Schedules

Indeed, you wouldn’t want to miss a single match of the Ice hockey world junior championship. But, your busy life might unexpectedly make you forget the timings of the tournament.

So, enroll in the timings of the tournaments on your regular dairy so that you don’t miss any match.

How to Watch World Juniors 2022 With Social Media?

Social media broadcast the world junior championship like other online platforms. But, this opportunity isn’t available for all online social platforms. 

Let’s see which platform is available for telecasting the world junior championship. 


Facebook is the most renowned platform for telecasting important news, events, tournaments, and many more. When it is about free live streaming or broadcasting the news, Facebook comes first over many platforms.


Twitter is another reliable and free media like Facebook that telecasts the IIHF championship. If you’re a real hockey fan and usually enjoy the free platform game, you must know that.

Not just highlighting, Twitter also interacts with hockey fans by giving real-time reviews and broadcasting.


Reddit is also popular for sharing the links of live telecasting of renowned games. If you have a Reddit account in your smart gadget, you also can enjoy the IIHF telecasting at no cost.

IIHF World Juniors Ice Hockey Championship 2022 Broadcasting TV Channels

You can enjoy the IIHF world junior 2022 from anywhere on the earth with the VPN and DNS services. These services support the exclusive TV channels which broadcast the live IIHF game.

Due to the pandemic situation, it is difficult to go to the stadium to watch hockey games. So, you can choose any of those TV channels to enjoy the game’s broadcasting. 

Sling TV

Sling TV offers the best TV service at the lowest price. The subscription fee the channel takes is too reasonable. Not just that, you’ll also get some free content with the subscribed channel.

So, this is a great positive sign when you want to enjoy the live telecasting of world juniors 2022.

AT &T TV Now

Besides the World junior 2022 tournament, AT &T TV also telecast several TV shows, games, etcetera. Unlike others, AT &T offers a 7-days free trial to the subscriber to know about their service accurately.

Hulu With Live TV

With varieties of channels and VOD functionality, Hulu TV is another streaming service. But like others, this streaming service isn’t so popular with users. Still, you can enjoy your game flawlessly with this streaming service.

Although it offers almost 75 channels at $65, it is further trying to acquire better user satisfaction. In the future, it is expected that Hulu viewers can enjoy their movies, games with small gadgets.

Fubo TV

The Fubo network is available in many countries, including the USA, Canada, and Spain. It streams nearly all the games all season, but unfortunately, FuboTV is available only for USA citizens.

Still, you can enjoy the IIHF world junior through the Fubo TV using the high-rated VPN.


Video is an online streaming service that is easy to sign up for, open, and use. But prior to using the streaming service, you must have a laptop, smartphone, or any smart gadget.

NHL network

If you’re thinking of enjoying the World’s junior live streaming from home, you can also choose the NHL network. It is the official network that broadcasts the IIHF hockey tournament.

You can enjoy the live stream of IIHF from anywhere in the World without using VPN. Just create an account in the network and enjoy almost whatever you want. Indeed, choosing the NHL for watching the junior hockey tournament can be your ideal move.


Do you want to enjoy the IIHF live streaming from Canada? If so, then the TSN Go can be your most reliable option to go with. Although TSN streaming is popular in Canada, they also provide their service all over the World.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV provides one-step access to a variety of programs through your small device. And luckily, it also broadcasts the live streaming of the junior hockey tournament.

So, it is the widespread medium to the viewers of almost every program, including the hockey tournament.

How to Watch World Juniors 2022 Using A VPN?

VPN creates opportunities for the people of the countries where direct live streaming is restricted. As you already know, some countries don’t support live streaming services.

Most importantly, the countries from Africa and Asia don’t support the popular live streaming networks. You must use the high-rated VPN service to get the streaming services from them.

Some of the popular high-rated VPN services are:

  • Expressvpn
  • Nordvpn
  • Purevpn
  • Surfshark VPN
  • Free VPN
  • Protonvpn
  • Windscribe
  • Hotspot
  • Shield
  • Tunnelbear
  • Speedify

World Juniors 2022 Complete Game Schedule

MatchRoundDateTime (ET)Venue
Finland vs GermanyPreliminarySunday, December 262:00 pmEdmonton
Russia vs SwedenPreliminarySunday, December 264:30 pmRed Deer
Czech Republic vs CanadaPreliminarySunday, December 267:00 pmEdmonton
United States vs SlovakiaPreliminarySunday, December 269:30 pmRed Deer
Austria vs FinlandPreliminaryMonday, December 272:00 pmEdmonton
Russia vs SwitzerlandPreliminaryMonday, December 274:30 pmRed Deer
Germany vs Czech RepublicPreliminaryMonday, December 277:00 pmEdmonton
Sweden vs SlovakiaPreliminaryMonday, December 279:30 pmRed Deer
Switzerland vs United StatesPreliminaryTuesday, December 284:30 pmRed Deer
Austria vs CanadaPreliminaryTuesday, December 287:00 pmEdmonton
Finland vs Czech RepublicPreliminaryWednesday, December 292:00 pmEdmonton
Slovakia vs RussiaPreliminaryWednesday, December 294:30 pmRed Deer
Canada vs GermanyPreliminaryWednesday, December 297:00 pmEdmonton
Sweden vs United StatesPreliminaryWednesday, December 299:30 pmRed Deer
Czech Republic vs AustriaPreliminaryThursday, December 304:30 pmEdmonton
Slovakia vs SwitzerlandPreliminaryThursday, December 307:00 pmRed Deer
Germany vs AustriaPreliminaryFriday, December 312:00 PMEdmonton
Switzerland vs SwedenPreliminaryFriday, December 314:30 pmRed Deer
Canada vs FinlandPreliminaryFriday, December 317:00 pmEdmonton
United States vs RussiaPreliminaryFriday, December 319:30 pmRed Deer
5B vs 5APreliminarySunday, January 212:00 pmRed Deer
TBDQuarterfinalSunday, January 22:30 pmEdmonton
TBDQuarterfinalSunday, January 25:00 pmRed Deer
TBDQuarterfinalSunday, January 27:30 pmEdmonton
TBDQuarterfinalSunday, January 210:00 pmRed Deer
5A vs 5BRelegationMonday, January 312:00 pmRed Deer
TBDSemifinalTuesday, January 43:00 pmEdmonton
TBDSemifinalTuesday, January 47:00 pmEdmonton
5B vs 5ARelegationWednesday, January 512:00 pmEdmonton
L28 vs L27Third-place gameWednesday, January 54:00 pmEdmonton
W28 vs W27Championship game (Final)Wednesday, January 58:00 pmEdmonton
World Juniors 2022 Schedule

How COVID-19 May Affect the World Junior Championship?

The current situation isn’t the same as the normal situation. The COVID-19 has confined our presence within the home. So, it would be difficult to go to the stadium and enjoy the IIHF match in this pandemic situation.

Not just you, the effect of this pandemic situation may also fall on the tournament’s preparation. Here we have figured out some negative impacts that the organizer may face during the preparation.

Reducing the Sale of Tickets

First and foremost, the severe impact of the COVID-19 will fall on the sale of tickets. The tournament’s ticket sales will be dramatically reduced. That’s because the audience will like to enjoy the tournament from home instead of going to the gallery.

Some Teams Mightn’t Attend The Game.

Due to the increased COVID situation, some teams of the junior hockey tournament mightn’t attend the game. This will reduce the excitement of many viewers about the tournament.

Matches May Take Time to Start

As it is the COVID time, some matches might take time to start. In such a situation, it isn’t unusual to face technical or physical problems during the tournament.

So, basically, you’ll find most of the matches crossing their predetermined time to start.

People May Face the Strict Rules and Restriction

In the COVID situation, you mustn’t find lots of people at the gallery of the tournament. Although there will only be a countable number of audiences, the organizer must impose strict rules to handle them.

Therefore, you’ll face strict rules and regulations in every sphere if you attend the tournament from the gallery.

Cost of Hosting Might Get Increased

To maintain the strict measures, the costs of junior hockey matches will compulsorily increase. Regardless, the other preventive and protection measures also increase the tournament’s costs more than regular.

The direct impact will fall over the ticket price of the tournament. You have to spend more bucks to buy the tickets for the World junior tournament.

Word Juniors Tournament Format

If you don’t know the format of the World Junior tournament, you mightn’t enjoy the game. So, to enjoy the game, firstly, you must know the tournament format first.

Below, we have shortly described the format of the world junior tournament to give you a broad idea.

Tournament Format

Firstly, there will be 10 teams in the tournament. All the teams will be divided into two groups for the preliminary round. So, there will be 5 teams in the 2 groups which will be selected for the preliminary round.

The top four teams will be selected from each group for the playoff round after a single round-robin series. Unfortunately, the fifth team cannot go to the next round. And also, not a single team will be relegated from the world juniors in 2022.

After the preliminary match, there will be quarterfinals held among the selected teams. Four winning teams from the quarterfinal will head to the semifinals.

To make a place in the semifinals, there are some criteria that all teams must fulfill.

First, a team must obtain their place in the two groups.

Secondly, the team must obtain minimum points to get a chance for the preliminary round.

Thirdly, in the preliminary round, there must be a difference of goals between the two teams.

Fourthly, the high-scored group comes from the preliminary round, plays with the lowest-ranked team.

Two winning teams will come from the two semi-finals matches. The winning team will participate in another match to win the gold medal. In comparison, the losing teams will play for the bronze medal game.

Relegation Format In 2022/ No Promotion

Now, there will be a best-of-three relegation round series between the two last winning teams. The loser team from the relegation round series will be relegated to group A.

Remember, the third match will be held only if no team wins after the relegation series.

Overtime Operations

Overtime operations become important when the match is tied after regulation time. After the intermission of three minutes, a five-minute overtime period was held into the game.

However, this overtime period doesn’t change the teams of the match. Instead, the game will finish after the overtime period or when any team scores at least once.

If no team can score within the overtime period, the organizer will apply the penalty-shot shootout procedures. 

Procedures of the overtime period in playoff games:

  • At the end of the quarterfinal, bronze medal, semifinal, relegation, and placement playoff, there’ll be a 10-minute sudden-death overtime period.
  • Overtime period will be played when there’s a sudden-death overtime period after the intermission. As you know, there’ll be a three-minute intermission after the game’s original time.
  • There’ll be three skaters and one goaltender during the overtime period.
  • Till the end, the teams won’t change. And the team that obtains the score within this time becomes the winner.

Penalty-Shot Shootout procedure

If no team can make a goal within the overtime period, then a penalty-shot shootout procedure will be imposed. In this procedure, the following steps will be applied.

  • To score a goal, five different shooters from both teams. All the shooters will get a fixed chance to make a decisive score.
  • The icy area has to be dry scraped to make a shot at the end.
  • If nobody can make the score, a player from each team will participate in the tie-break shot. Whether it is new or the same player, he can attend for the tie-break shot.
  • The same player from each team also can play the tie-break shootout. The result of the game will be finalized only when the player can make a decisive goal.
  • Which team takes the first shot will be determined through tossing. The winning team of the toss will decide whether they’ll shoot first or last.
  • Players from both teams will continue to take shots until they score a decisive goal.
  • Like the overtime period, the goalkeeper will defend the goals of the opposite team. The goalkeeper will be changed after each shot of the opposite team.
  • The decisive goal scored against the opposite team will be credited in the account of another team.

Tie Breaking Formula

Tie breaking formula is formed between at least three teams that are holding the same points. Here the winner will get priority compared to the other teams.

The procedure of the tie-breaking formula won’t stop until two teams become tied on the same point. These are the procedures of the tie-breaking formula.

Step 1: First, a sub-group is created, considering the match among the tied teams. The teams are ranked according to their obtained points from the direct match of the tied teams.

Step 2: To make a better difference in the goal, three or more teams will still be tied in the points. All the tied teams in the direct games will be decisive.

Step 3: Three or more teams will be tied into the game. And then, the highest goal difference scored by the team will be decisive.

Step 4: The goal scored and the difference between the best and close-ranked team will be applied outside the sub-group. The best-ranked team will get priority over the close-ranked team.

Step 5: The result of all three teams and the highest-ranked team will be applied on the outside of the sub-group.

Step 6: After the following steps, all the teams will get their positions and be ranked according to the sport considerations.

Final Ranking

The final ranking of the gold medal and bronze medal game will be finalized among the four teams. The eliminated and losing teams from the preliminary and quarterfinal rounds will be ranked according to their position.

The ranking in the world junior tournament will be done according to the following procedures.

  • A higher position in the group
  • Higher number points
  • Better goal difference
  • A higher number of goals scored for
  • Better seeding number

IIHF World Championship Players Entry and Eligibility

Player Entry

  • Firstly, all the teams submit the name of their players to the championship doctorate.
  • Minimum 15 skaters and 2 goalies are allowed to play in the IIHF world championship. In comparison, the minimum number of players allowed for the game is 15 skaters and 2 goalies.
  • The teams must enter the name of their minimum number of players at the first director meeting. And the player who enters their name at the director meeting must have to present at the championship game.
  • The rest of the players are allowed to participate two hours before any championship game. The maximum number of players allowed to participate in the game is 20+3.
  • On the official game sheet, 20 skaters and 2 goalies are allowed to play when the game is running. The emergency goalkeeper standing outside of the stadium can only enter at the time of need.


There must be a certain qualification of the players to attend the IIHF world championship 2022. Let’s see what the qualification requirement for the players is.

  • Remaining under the IIHF national association’s jurisdiction is a must for each player of a team to attend the game.
  • A player must have to be a citizen of the country for which he is playing!

How to Acquire New National Eligibility to Play IIHF? (The Two-Year Case)

A player who recently changed his citizenship from one country to another and wants to participate in the IIHF must fulfill some specific criteria.

  • First off, the player must prove that he has participated in hockey for two consecutive seasons. Most importantly, he has to play for the same country during these 2-consecutive seasons.
  • A transferred player must have an international transfer card to attend the IIHF game. This confirms that he is a valid citizen who has transferred from one country to another country.
  • The approved date of the transfer card must have to be 10 months before the player’s last IIHF match.

How to Change the National Eligibility of An Ice Hockey Tournament Player? – The Four-Year Case

An IIHF player can switch his national eligibility to participate in the game once in his life. To participate on behalf of a newly shifted country, a player must fulfill the following criteria.

  • A player must have to become a citizen of the country he is going to represent.
  • To attend the game, the player must attend four consecutive seasons of the IIHF hockey match. During this time, he mustn’t transfer to another country or represent his old country.
  • The player must have an international card (ITC) to prove his transfer to a new country. According to the card, he hasn’t appeared in any game for at least four years before its issuing.

Final Word

Indeed, it is tough to enjoy the World juniors 2022 from the gallery. But that doesn’t mean you’ll miss your favorite game even though you’re living far.

You can enjoy the World juniors 2022 from your home without spending a buck. In some countries, you may have to spend some dollars to watch the tournament clearly. But, overall, everything is far easier.