Troy Aikman compared Cowboys to Jets. Jaguars are in the final disgrace

It’s not a great look when a former franchise quarterback is comparing the Dallas Cowboys — America’s team — to two laughing stocks of the NFL.

Troy Aikman is an eminent ambassador for the country. Cowboys franchise — the man was downright furious he wasn’t allowed to cover their playoff game on Sunday. Fortunately for him and unfortunately for the rest of us who would’ve loved to watch him call the Cowboys failure to spike the ball with mere seconds remaining, Dallas lost yet again in the postseason.

The Cowboys haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1996. Despite their constant claim to the throne of ‘America’s Team’, they’ve yet to assume that position since two years after this writer was born.

Aikman reminisces about what it was like to be the leader of a franchise that could legitimately claim that title. He’s frustrated with the lack of recent success, as are most fans.

Cowboys: Troy Aikman is frustrated with Dallas

“If you don’t do anything in the postseason, then you’re really at the end of the day, no different than the Jacksonville Jaguars or the New York Jets that didn’t get in,” Aikman, via 96.7 The Ticket.

Aikman isn’t wrong in one sense — every NFL team is aiming for the same ultimate goal. For those which don’t reach that goal, they enter the offseason with the same thought: What did we do wrong, and how do we get better?

Leadership is the key to Dallas.

After the San Francisco 49ers’ Wild Card round loss, a poor play-call (quarterback run in the final seconds) was called. Three rounds of Cowboys leadership followed. Kellen Moore was first approved by Mike McCarthy and then Dak Prescott played him out.

That’s simply not acceptable, especially with the season on the line.

Aikman is correct for now. The Jags, Jets and Cowboys are all in the same position — waiting on April’s NFL Draft.