Trader Joe’s Red Chili Pepper

Trader Joe's Red Chili Pepper

It’s been a while since our last TJ’s run. As you might have guessed from today’s seemingly innocuous product review, It is a Trader Joe’s brand of food product. And we have a category that’s dedicated to condiments. So it meets all our criteria. Are you?Review it. I thought about skipping another. Russ picked up my slack last week, and even on days when there’s no new entry, we’re still getting some hits. With our huge backlog of reviews, suggestions and recommendations, we’re still providing detailed information about TJ’s food.

This is not enough. Today, I decided there would be a new review. I began to search the kitchen for a product I had overlooked. I rummaged through the cupboards searching…seeking…hunting for something to review. I remembered the unspoken truth of our creed.

“We are husbands and sons, and wives and daughters (Russ and I aren’t wives or daughters so much, but Sandy and Sonia, while not official bloggers, totally help us out with this site), who everyday go about our lives with keen taste buds, discerning palates, and a limited knowledge of the culinary arts which is often supplemented by Google searches and visits to Wikipedia. And neither faulty internet connections, nor computer crashes, nor busy schedules, nor gloom of dissheveled kitchen, nor the winds of change in the stockroom at the local Trader Joe’s, nor a nation divided by ridiculous partisan politics, will stay us from the swift completion of our somewhat regular 3-5 blog entries per week. Usually.”

And those inspiring words rose up in my heart, just as I triumphantly grasped this bottle of TJ’s Red Chili Pepper and resolved to blog, blog, wholeheartedly blog!

These pepper flakes are okay, I suppose.

It’s just a joke. They’re really quite good. I’m referring to the old-fashioned, freestanding Pizza Huts in the 1980’s. I got my free grease-laden personal pan cheese pizza for reading some Amelia Bedelia and Berenstein Bears through the “Book It!” program. The pizza was my favorite thing I have ever eaten. And when I dumped some of the big red pepper flakes from that sparkly glass shaker on top of my pizza pie, it tasted even better. Yes, my tongue burned, and my eyes watered but I was too happy to notice.

These flakes remind me of the 1980’s Pizza Hut pepper chips. They do still have big red pepper flakes at Pizza Hut. However, I haven’t been back in forever and I know that if I did return it wouldn’t be as good and I would be disappointed.

TJ’s version has a sleek black and golden label. It contains words of profound wisdom such as “Crushed Red Peppers can be hot and should not be taken lightly.” The same font they used on that Spanish treasure map in “The Goonies” boasts that this Red Chili Pepper is part of the “Spices of the World” collection…not to be missed by any world traveler or Trader Joe’s aficianado.

Delicious. Exotic. Worldly. Adventurous. You might try some.

Sonia rates it 4. I rate it a 4.5. Final verdict: 8.5/10 This is a great score.