Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Italian Panettone

Trader Joe's Gluten Free Italian Panettone

Sometimes, it makes me wonder if I was meant to be born into a large Italian family. After seeing the 2018 indie film of the same name, I hadn’t heard of the Feast of the Seven Fishes. Is it possible to have seven different types of fish and seafood in the same day? Yes, please. I love how the Italians roll.

Thanks to Trader Joe’s, I am also becoming more fond of panettone every year. This is the fifth type of panettone product we’ve reviewed on this blog, and I don’t think I’ve disliked any of them. They are delicious, festive, and Christmassy. You can hang this one on your Christmas tree. It can be used as an ornament or snack.

As with the other panettones, this one uses soft, tender, lightly sweetened, slightly buttery bread. This one is gluten-free. Goodness. I almost always say that Trader Joe’s gf foods taste good but have a strange texture. But not this one. This texture is amazing. It’s gluten-free, I wouldn’t know.

The product is well-packaged. Although it may be excessive, it helps keep the bread fresh. The outer cardboard box is decorative, followed by a cellophane wrappingper and a muffin-like muffin liner at the bottom and sides.

The bread is soft and moist. It would be a delightful little treat to eat the bread by itself. But, you can add “golden raisins”, and tiny bits of candied citrus peel to make it more interesting. It is more like a breakfast muffin than a dessert such as cupcakes or cakes. Yesterday, my panettone was my breakfast. It was perfect in size and density for a morning meal.

It’s affordable at $1.99 This product has Sonia’s approval, and my seal of approval, if you have someone on your Christmas gift list with a gluten-free diet. While the original gluten-free version of this product is still available in stores, the texture and flavor of this version doesn’t suffer as much as it does without wheat or gluten. Each package contains four Christmas stars.

8 out of 10