Trader Joe’s Breakfast Scramble of Eggs Potatoes, Onions, and Potatoes

Trader Joe's Breakfast Scramble of Eggs, Potatoes, and Onions

OK, so let’s honor Cinco de Mayo (I know we’re a day late… make that Seis de Mayo) with a special product. You might be thinking, “This product isn’t Mexican!” It’s not. However, here’s a fun fact: Cinco de Mayo does not commemorate Mexican Independence Day. It’s September 16.

Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexico’s victory at the Battle for Puebla. This was the day that the French were expelled from Mexico. Cinco de Mayo in the United States is much more popular than in Mexico. It’s a American excuse to enjoy a few cervezas, much like St. Patrick’s Day. So on that note, we’re going to take a look at a French product—since this very well could have been Mexican cuisine had the French been victorious on May 5, 1862.

Trader Joe’s Breakfast Scramble proudly states that it is a French product. There’s an official-looking seal right on the cover with a fleur-de-lis in the middle. TJ’s probably wasn’t concerned about those who choose freedom fries to French fries and are willing to boycott France whenever they can. Bill O’Reilly wouldn’t be happy.

I ask Trader Joe again: Why do you bother to make a French-speaking character, Trader Jacques, if he’s not going to be used for all your French products? Maybe they decided they’d only use him with the more pretentious French products, such as the Sandwiches made with Ham and Cheese Croissants.

Although this product looks similar to an egg omelette it is not stuffed with all the ingredients. They are, as their title implies, scrambled together. I was just reminded the other day that omelettes can also be French. “Omelette.” It has a French sound. It’s possible that I have always associated the dish to American cuisines like Denny’s and down-on-the farm home cooking, possibly served up by Trader Jim-Bob.

This stuff is delicious. The saltiness and greasiness are not overpowering. It’s enough to make you feel that you’re not eating food that has been frozen. This scramble can be microwaved. You could easily pass this off as freshly prepared if it was served on a plate. It has a good balance of the main ingredients and the heating instructions is very easy.

There are no major complaints. No big surprises. It’s a great microwaveable international breakfast.

Sonia rates it 4. I rate it a 4.5. Bottom line: 8.5 out 10.