Tom Brady reversed Antonio Brown to make Rob Gronkowski one million dollars

Tom Brady, Buccaneers quarterback, went above and beyond to ensure Rob Gronkowski met his production targets for a $1,000,000 bonus.

All over the NFL, players tried to trigger performance bonuses on the last weekend of regular-season NFL games.

Even though production was required in the final weeks of play, it seemed that this was part of the story about the split between Antonio Brown (Buccaneers)

Tom Brady insisted that he play against the Panthers on Sunday until Rob Gronkowski, his longtime colleague, reached his goals to trigger $1,000,000 in bonuses.

Could Tom Brady do the exact same thing for Antonio Brown and Rob Gronkowski

People in the comments asked why Brady wouldn’t do the same for Brown when he reportedly felt the Bucs wanted to avoid paying his bonuses, but that suggestion doesn’t fit reality.

Brady focused his attention on Brown at the conclusion of last season in order to ensure he received his bonus of $250,000.

If Brown hadn’t left the Buccaneers ahead of schedule, it’s safe to say Brady would have done what he could to make sure he got his bonuses as well.

Gronkowski believed that getting to his yardage for the season was the most important thing. Each category would earn him $500,000 more for the season. To get both, he had seven catches for 137 yard.

Gronk had 55 catches for 802 yards and six touchdowns in the regular season.

Once the tight end’s needs were met, Brady took a seat and let Blaine Gabbert finish out the game.