Saudi desert is covered in rare snows or hailstorms

(CNN) — People’s images of the desert in Saudi Arabia are often distorted by constant sunshine and sand dunes.

However, these sands were covered in snow more recently.

Recent hailstorms and snowstorms in the region have created a stir among locals as well as a sensation on social networks.

Osama Alhabri, a Saudi photographer, captured aerial photos of Badr Governorate southwest of Medina. He was dressed in white, as locals enjoyed the unique sight.

CNN reported that Al-Harbi said that such intense winter weather in the Badr desert was a rare phenomenon, which had not been seen for many years. It was described by Al-Harbi as “historic hailstorm”.

According to the Saudi photographer who captured the scene on January 11, the site was bustling with people, many of whom had traveled long distances to get a glimpse at the frozen landscape.

Saudis make coffee from snow in Jabal al-Lawz, near Tabuk

Ibrahim Assiri/AFP/Getty Images

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the National Center of Meteorology in Saudi Arabia had forecast moderate to heavy rains in the Medina region at the time of Al-Harbi’s visit. Also, winds, low visibility, hail and wind were expected.

This week was another wintry one, with snow falling in northwestern Saudi Arabia. The snow covered Tabuk on February 16th, just near the border to Jordan.