SuperMom Donna Kelce is trying to attend both of her sons’ games on the same day

Travis Kelce’s mother, Jason Kelce, has somehow managed to watch the playoff games in a remarkable way. 

Donna Kelce is living her dream on Sunday. On Sunday, Donna Kelce, mother to superstar talents Jason Kelce (and Travis Kelce), is living the dream that many NFL fans would never imagine. Let us explain.

Mrs. Kelce is currently in Florida, watching Jason Kelce play center for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Then after the final whistle, she’s going to race to hop on a plane and head to Kansas City to watch Travis Kelce and the Chiefs try and take down the Pittsburgh Steelers. That’s unmatched support right there.

Donna Kelce attended both the Eagles’ and Chiefs’ postseason games.

Nothing matches a mother’s love and Mrs. Kelce is most definitely showcasing this in a massive way in the Wild Card Round. Luckily for her, there’s a way she could catch both contests and have a little time to spare.

The Eagles-Bucs match is set to conclude at approximately 4:00 p.m. ET. It takes approximately three hours to fly from Tampa Bay, Florida to Kansas City. The Steelers and Chiefs will meet at 8:15 PM. ET. While there’s going to be travel to and from the airport that needs to be done here – and we’re assuming she’s traveling via a private jet – she in fact could pull this off.

Worse case scenario, the mother of the two NFL standouts may have to miss a little bit of the late showdown, but she’ll still be able to watch plenty of the Kansas City matchup with Pittsburgh. The Steelers are heavy favorites to beat the Chiefs.

While most people are watching the NFL playoffs from their homes, Donna Kelce has a fantastic day to kickoff 2021’s playoffs. Bravo to her!