Canada High School named after Prince Andrew will be renamed

Craig Campbell, the school principal, told CNN via email that “we are changing the name in order to move in another direction due to negative reports about Prince Andrew.” “We are determined to create our identity as positive, supportive school communities with a name to match.”

Local residents will have the opportunity to suggest name ideas to a six member renaming committee which includes staff, students and members of the community. The Halifax Regional Centre for Education will then choose the top three names and give its approval.

This school’s decision is in response to a New York judge’s earlier this month ruling that Prince Andrew could be subject to a civil lawsuit.
Virginia Giuffre is now suing the 61 year-old royal. Virginia claims that she was trafficked in by Jeffrey Epstein, a disgraced financial investor, and forced into performing sex acts alongside the prince when she was 17. These allegations have been vigorously denied by Prince Andrew.

These allegations have damaged the public image of the prince and caused other members of the royal household to distance themselves from him.

A Florida school board is renaming middle and high schools honoring Confederate leaders
Recenty, Prince Andrew was stripped from his honorary military title and charity. CNN’s Max Foster was informed by a royal source that Prince Andrew will no longer use “His Royal Highness,” in any official capacity.

The Canadian school joins an extensive list of institutions who have decided to end ties with controversial namesakes in recent decades.

School boards and districts in the United States decided to change school names after Confederate leaders or public figures. Bill Cosby was one such example. He saw his name removed form buildings, workshops, and a professorship during a criminal case against him.