Five tools that will help businesses manage cybersecurity better in 2022

Executives are focusing more on digital adoption goals for 2022. Finding security tools to detect suspicious activity is a top priority.

Cybercrime is growing rapidly and there are no signs that it will slow down. Recent research shows that malware activity has increased by 358%. Additionally, every day, there is an increase in malware activity. AV-TEST InstituteMore than 450,000 new malicious programs are being registered every day, and new malware is appearing at an alarming rate. Cybercrime is a major problem in the world, according to experts. It poses a greater threat than nuclear weapons and can be attributed as the number one issue. 

Types of security instruments

Cybercrime includes malicious unauthorized programs and executable code. These include bots, ransomware viruses, bots, bots, malware, bots, viruses, phishing emails, internet fraud, cyber-extortion and other. Each one is designed to steal, damage, or access systems, reputations and bank accounts, as well as other purposes.

It is not surprising that more companies have made the transition to work-from home. 33% of executivesIn the United States, malware is one of three most serious cyber threats. 

Effective tools for managing digital security

Cybercrime is set for a huge financial blow to the world By 2025, 10.5 Trillion dollars annually, IT executives and their teams will need to make policy changes, step up security training and use cybersecurity tools such as these to manage digital security in 2022 — and beyond. 

Image: Avast

Avast provides cloud security solutions that can be customized to fit the needs of businesses, as well as managed service providers and resellers. Avast offers scalable cybersecurity solutions that can be used to secure businesses, from endpoint security at home to complete complex endpoint solutions. 

The key features

  • Six layers of protection
  • Artificial intelligence, behavior based machine learning, cloud threat lab analysis
  • An algorithmic approach to blocking malware is system-centric. This involves examining endpoint processes.
  • Multi-functional, lightweight agents can instantly react to malware and maintain system performance.

For pricing information, contact Avast 



Image: Bitdefender

Bitdefender is a threat detection, prevention and response platform that offers endpoint, network, and cloud security to MSPs and businesses. Bitdefender provides a range of security products to enable service providers and businesses, regardless of size, to secure all endpoints and containers using comprehensive and unified security. 

The key features 

  • Unified endpoint security and analytics–across endpoints and hybrid workloads 
  • Use technology and machine-learning to detect and stop more attacks
  • Integrated threat intelligence threat research that works with law enforcement 
  • Report and monitor risk levels in all languages and users

Contact Bitdefender for pricing.



Image by Kaspersky

Kaspersky provides industry-leading protection against emerging and new cyber threats to small and medium-sized enterprises and businesses. Based on the needs of your company, there are several cloud-based security products that can protect endpoints from advanced attacks.

The key features 

  • Maps, contextual and threat information
  • Custom automated risk scores are used to evaluate the most serious threats.
  • With a simple interface, you can create custom workflows or operational procedures.
  • Report and monitor risk levels in all languages and users

For pricing information, contact Kaspersky




Malwarebytes helps businesses of all sizes and service providers eliminate ransomware and spyware. The solution includes tools and resources like endpoint and incident detection, response to secure server and endpoints, and monitoring and reporting. 

The key features

  • Ransomware protection with ransomware rollback for 72 hours 
  • Unknown zero-day malware detection
  • Protection against remote employees’ information and attacks on premises with brute force
  • Security compliance to prevent, detect, respond and complete remediation
  • Report and monitor risk levels in all languages and users

Malwarebytes offers a scaled pricing structure based on the number or servers of computers and servers.



Image by Vipre

Vipre provides simple yet complete business security solutions. These include email, network, data, and user protection. The unified security technology suite protects your business from external threats and attacks.

The key features

  • Endpoint security for reducing helpdesk visits, bandwidth misuse, and lost productivity
  • Email security to stop employees being tricked into leaking sensitive data
  • Protect your network from unauthorized access by using behavioral analysis and threat simulations
  • Security of user and data to reduce human error, and keep private information secure  

Vipre has three pricing tiers: Core Defense is $96/user/year and Edge Defense is $96/user/year. Complete Defense costs $144/user/year. 


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