General Staff: Ukrainian troops liberate another village near Kharkiv, Russian troops try to hold out

Svitlana Kizilova – Saturday, 7 May 2022, 18:37

Russian troops have lost control over the village of Tsyrkuny near Kharkiv as a result of an offensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Source: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook, information as of 18:00 on Saturday 7 May

Details: General Staff reports that the invader’s main efforts on the Slobozhanskyi front are focused on hindering the further advance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine towards the state border of Ukraine.

Russian occupation forces deployed reserve troops to reinforce the units of the 1st Guards Tank Army and the 20th Guards Combined Arms Army of the Western Military District. Russian troops shelled Prudianka and Slatyne with artillery. 

Russian troops lost control over the village of Tsyrkuny as a result of an offensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The enemy troops attempted to advance on the village of Virnopillia, but suffered losses and withdrew.

The aggressor’s offensive in the Skhid [Eastern] Operational Zone is still underway: Russian troops are trying to establish full control over the territories of Donetsk and Luhansk Regions and to maintain the land corridor with Russian-occupied Crimea.

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Russian troops did not undertake active combat action on the Volyn and Polissia fronts. Some units of the Belarusian Armed Forces continue to cover the Ukraine-Belarus border in Brest and Gomel Regions in Belarus. The threat of missile and air strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure from the territory of Belarus remains.

On the Siverskyi front, Russian troops continue to carry out tasks to cover the Ukraine-Russia border in the Bryansk and Kursk Regions in the Russian Federation. Russia is reinforcing its positions in border-adjacent areas of Kursk Region.

On the Donetsk front, Russia’s efforts are focused on establishing full control over Rubizhne and preparing for an offensive on Lyman and Sievierodonetsk.

Artillery shelling and missile and air strikes using operational-tactical aircraft continued on various fronts. Russian troops also attempted to capture the village of Oleksandrivka, but were not successful.

In Mariupol, Russian troops continue to besiege units of Ukraine’s Defence Forces at the Azovstal plant; an artillery- and tank-supported assault to take control of the plant is underway.

The aggressor did not engage in combat action on the Novopavlivske and Zaporizhzhia fronts.

Russian troops launched an air-supported assault on the village of Poltava, in Zaporizhzhia Region, but suffered losses and withdrew to their previously held positions.

Ukraine’s Defence Forces carried out a successful assault operation on Russian troops near the city of Polohy in Zaporizhzhia Region, destroying some of the Russian ammunition and military equipment. Russian troops withdrew from their positions.

On the Pivdennyi Buh front, Russian troops are defending their positions and carrying out missile strikes on military and civilian infrastructure. They did not undertake offensive actions on the Kryvyi Rih front and continued shelling units of Ukrainian troops from mortars and artillery.

The General Staff reports that the Russian Federation is suffering significant losses in combat with units of Ukraine’s Defence Forces. Over 100 wounded Russian paratroopers are being treated in the village of Burchak, Zaporizhzhia Region.

Background: On 6 May, the Armed Forces of Ukraine regained control over the villages of Oleksandrivka, Fedorivka, Ukraine, Shestakovo and Peremoha, and part of the village of Cherkaski Tyshky in Kharkiv Region.