In less than one second, weak passwords can easily be cracked

NordPass identifies five passwords that are easy to crack: “123456,” 123456789,” and “password”.

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Security experts continue to advise people to use complex passwords to secure their online information and themselves. However, many people continue to use weak passwords that take little time to crack, despite all the warnings.

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It’s not an easy task to create and maintain complex passwords on every account that you use. However, the alternative exposes you and your most valuable data. You can do it! Wednesday reportNordPass password manager looks at 200 common passwords, and offers tips to improve password hygiene.

NordPass conducted its most recent research by analysing a vast database with independent researchers who specialize in cybersecurity incidents to compile its password list.

This list included old favorites like “123456,” 123456789,” and “12345,” as well as newer ones like “qwerty,” password,” “12345678,” password,” “123456789,” password,” “12345678,” password,” “12345678, “123456789,” and password,” “12345678,” 111111,” password,” “12345678,” password,” “1234567890,” password,” “1234567890,” and password,” “1234567890”, “1234567890,” and “1234567890”, “1234567890,” “1234567890,” which were all of the “1234567890,” 1234567890,” 1234567890,” and “1234567890,” 1234567890,” respectively. You can also find passwords like “iloveyou”, ‘dragon”,’monkey,” and ‘baseball.

Cybercriminals use automated tools for brute force attacks on account passwords. The weaker the password is, the more difficult and quicker it is to crack. Only 30 of the 200 most commonly used passwords were able to be cracked in under a second. However, there were some exceptions such as “chocolate,” which was cracked in just three seconds, Michael, which took eight seconds to crack and “tinkle,” which took two minutes to crack. “Jennifer” could be cracked in one hour, while “myspace1” would take three hours.

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People who resort to weak passwords often follow certain trends or patterns, such as sports teams, names, and animals. NordPass discovered that many users use their own names as passwords for 2021. Sometimes, “Liverpool” is used as a password to honor the European soccer team. The most common passwords used by car enthusiasts were “Ferrari”, “Porsche” and “Ferrari”.

The top-ranked animal-related password in many countries was “Dolphin”. And swear words are more commonly used to create passwords than women, and more frequently by men than women.

It is difficult to create and manage strong passwords for each account. NordPass has the following tips to help you protect your data and yourself.

  1. Complex passwords are best. Complex passwords contain at least 12 characters. They also include a mix of numbers, symbols, upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, as well as numbers. Online password generators make it easy and quick to create complex passwords. You can find many of these tools online. Start your favorite search engine, and type “online password generator” in the search box.
  2. Don’t reuse passwords. Hackers dream of finding the same password used on multiple websites by the same person. All accounts will suffer the same fate if one is compromised.
  3. Update your passwords. Experts recommend that you change your passwords at least once every three months to avoid any password being compromised.
  4. Verify the strength of your passwords. How can you tell if your password is secure enough to protect your accounts? Online tools can help you check your password security. Search for “password health check”
  5. Use multi-factor authentication (MFA). Use MFA whenever possible to protect your passwords, and prevent accounts being compromised.
  6. Use a password manager. Without help, it is difficult to manage multiple complex passwords for each account. To create, store, and retrieve passwords for multiple accounts, your best bet is to use password managers.

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