The top 5 most interesting job sites that you may not have thought of

You are looking for additional sites to help you find your next job? Tom Merritt offers some other options that will help you find the right job.

Jobs: There seem to be a lot of them. However, if you are determined to find the right job, and not just any job; then the monstrous job board might not be the right place for you.

Here are 5 other job opportunities you might have not considered.

  1. Glassdoor. It’s the place where you can learn about the culture of a company before you actually work there. They also have job openings. They allow you to research the jobs and apply from one location.
  2. HIVE DiversityThe network connects students and companies, with a special focus on accessibility. They are able to connect diverse candidates with next-generation talent.
  3. Flexjobs. This site is for you if you are comfortable working remotely and enjoy the freedom it affords. It offers flexible work-from home postings as well as freelance work.
  4. HandshakeStudents from Michigan Technical University launched it to make the job search easier for students. It now has over 9 million users. 
  5. Ladders.This is for people who are already in the six-figure range. As the name suggests, this is a way to climb up the ladder to more lucrative jobs. 

There are more jobs than ever, so it’s important to find the right job. These sites may just be what you need to get in the door. 

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