Remote workers are challenged by bad habits, guilty pleasures and poor decision-making

Three out of four remote workers surveyed by said they felt unproductive and struggled to maintain the right work-life balance.

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Companies have had to shift to remote work since 2020’s coronavirus pandemic. Remote work offers many benefits. However, many people find working from home a difficult task. They are often distracted by temptations that distract them from their work. A report released Friday by ISP resource site looks at some of the habits and distractions that take a bite out of worker productivity.

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Its report is entitled “Work From Home Wrap Up 2021: The Expected and the Bad.,” surveyed 1,000 Americans ages 18 and older who currently work or have worked from home. The poll was conducted in November to find out what factors are preventing people from working in remote situations.

77% of respondents felt unproductive when working remotely, and 75% stated that it was difficult to find a work/life balance.

It was revealed that there are a few tricks remote workers use to avoid work, especially virtual ones. Half of the respondents said that they faked having a slow internet connection in order to avoid a video conference. To give themselves a break from work, more than half added fake meetings to their calendar. Over 61% reported that they have spent most of the video call staring at themselves.

It is easy to avoid work. This can be evident by what people do instead of working. 77% of respondents stated that they use the computer at work to check social media and shop online while working. More than half stated that they play video games and stream TV shows and movies rather than work.

Working remotely can lead to unprofessional and casual tendencies. More than 70% of the respondents claimed that they have attended meetings or worked from home. Half of those polled said they have worked while going to the bathroom. Nearly half of respondents suspected that their coworker might have been drunk or excessive during work hours. Only 30% admitted to being drunk themselves.

Many respondents felt easily distracted from work by various distractions. There were several distractions that could be used to distract from work: 29% cited food, 23% entertainment, 19% household chores, 9% taking care of family members and pets, 9% miscellaneous activities. 6% referred to sleeping in bed or staying in bed, and 5.5% to “adult activities.”

Some respondents mentioned certain types of distractions as per the following comments.

  • “I mine crypto multiple times per day to give me a break.”
  • “I eat and drink my fruit punch, and I play ‘Call of Duty.’
  • “Eating popcorn.”
  • “Wish to abolish capitalism.”
  • “I pretend that I’m not at home and don’t answer the phone.”

Poor internet connections can definitely impact productivity. Eighty percent of respondents stated that their internet connection prevented them working. 75% of respondents said that they would upgrade their internet service if their employer paid a stipend. 67% felt that their employer should cover their internet service when they work remotely.

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