The high-tech CES 2022 awards recognize Ocean battery and SPIDER-GO drone, as well as digital radar system.

These 10 products, which are from the 26 categories, highlight the themes that shaped this year’s exhibition: electric cars and sustainability.

The Ocean Battery received a Best of Innovation award in 2022. It stores the energy generated by floating solar farms and wind turbines at Sea. 

Image: Ocean Grazer

CES has been a showcase for consumer tech since its inception. However, the show has grown over the years to include green energy, smart city infrastructure and automotive technology. To reflect the increased focus on technological innovation, the Innovation Awards has grown. 

The 26 award categories cover everything from Computer Hardware & Components and Computer Peripherals & Accessories to Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy and Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation. These 10 award winners are representative of the themes for this year’s electronic conference, which includes remote work, electric vehicles, and sustainability.   


The webcam/speaker combination is an all-in one virtual meeting device. It combines 360-degree HD video and a business-grade speakerphone.

Image from CES 2022

360 All Around Webcam with Speaker from j5create

Category: Accessories and computer peripherals
An excellent webcam/speaker combination is available All-in-one virtual meeting toolThis combines 360 degree HD video and a business-grade speakerphone. It can be used for video conferencing and remote collaboration.

Archer AXEE11000 Omni-Tri Band Wi-Fi- 6E Router from TP-Link Corporation Limited

Category: Accessories and computer peripherals
This router Uses rotating antennas that adjust automatically according to the user’s positionFor the best coverage, you can either use the app or manually. The Omni offers tri-band Wi Fi and a 6GHz band. OneMesh is supported for seamless whole-home coverage. The Omni will also support Wi-Fi easyMesh in future. Families can use Home Shield to manage and secure their home networks, with IoT protections and parental controls.


SpatialLabs uses artificial Intelligence to convert 2D content, such as images or video, into stereo 3D.

Image from CES 2022

ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition from Acer

Category: Virtual & Augmented Reality
This laptop comes with Powerful hardware, eye-tracking cameras, and a 15.6 inch screenThis allows engineers and visual artists to see their work before it is rendered. A specialized optical lens is used to create images that are specific for each eye. These images are then projected directly through the lens to the location where the eyes are searching for unique 3D experiences. SpatialLabs employs artificial intelligence to automatically convert 2D content, such as images or video, into stereo 3D.

Ocean Battery by Ocean Grazer

Category: Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy

This product received a Best of Innovation Award 2022 and is Designed to reduce the cost of an off-shore power grid. The battery can store the energy generated by wind turbines or floating solar farms at sea. The goal is to Reduce local peak loads to match demand and supplyThe system uses clean water as its energy carrier and is based upon hydro dam technology. 

Samsung 512GB DDR5 RDIMM by Samsung Electronics

Category: Computer Hardware & Components

This chip is the first in its class Dual in-line memory of 512GB DDR5 registeredSamsung says it can be used in consumer electronics applications including artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, cloud computing and data center server servers. The module’s 512GB capacity includes 40 DRAM modules, each containing eight 16Gb DDR5 cells. High-speed, large-capacity chips are made using a low-voltage process. Through-silicon viatechnology that can overcome the performance degradation of wire bonding connectivity.

Magna ICON Digital Radar from Magna International

Category: Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation

This software-defined, digital imaging radar scans and records the environment around the vehicle. 16 times more resolution and 30% better contrast than an analog cameraAccording to the company, it is. Each digital radar signal is unique, which helps reduce interference with other radar systems. The 2022 Best of Innovation award was given to the product. It will be used in Fisker Ocean, an electric SUV which will hit the market in 2023.


The battery will power Ford’s F-150 electric truck, which will be launched in 2022. SK Innovation’s manufacturing processes have allowed for a high amount of nickel in this battery. This increases power and ranges while keeping production safe.

Image from CES 2022

NCM9 Battery by SK Innovation

Categories: Embedded Technologies, In-Vehicle Entertainment & Safety

The F-150 electric truck will be powered by this battery. It will go on sale in 2022. Manufacturing techniques by SK InnovationA high percentage of nickel has been allowed in the battery. This improves power ranges and safety while keeping the production process safe. According to the companyThe high-performance batteries in the Hyundai Ioniq 5 allow for a fast charge of up to 80%.


SPIDER GO is an automated warehouse inventory software that scans and updates inventory at real-time.

Image from CES 2022


Category: Drones & unmanned systems

SPIDERGO is an Automatic warehouse inventory systemThe system scans and updates inventory real-time. The system features include automated modeling of warehouse layouts, a 3D map inventory and remote inspections. Remote updates, remote monitoring and CCTV monitoring are some of the other features. According to SPIDER-GO, warehouse inventory management can be made more efficient and accurate with the help of this software.

Thunderbolt 4 from Intel Corporation

Category: Computer Hardware & Components

This cable delivers 40 Gb/second speeds for video and dataIt can deliver power over just one connection. According to Intel, it is the most complete Thunderbolt specification. It conforms to a wide range of industry specifications including USB4, DisplayPort, and PCI Express. This cable is fully compatible and has been awarded the Best of Innovation Award 2022.


The V Board is an interactive whiteboard that transforms any display into a smart touchscreen. The pen and camera of the kit emit and capture infrared lights. 

Image from CES 2022


Category: Computer hardware & components

The V Board can be found here Interactive whiteboard systemThis can convert any display into a smart touch screen. The camera and pen of the kit emit infrared light and capture it. The V Board can also be used virtually to save meetings and make offline lessons more interactive by connecting with other displays and smart devices.

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