Smart city awards for NYC, Wuhan, and Albuquerque

Smart City Expo World Congress recognized cities that use technology to address housing, climate change, and internet access issues.

Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Despite some leaders in government hitting the pause on smart-city projects during COVID-19 there was still much innovation going on all around the globe. Smart City Expo World CongressRecognized 33 cities, individuals, and projects that make communities more livable and sustainable around the globe.

There are nine categories of awards that include everything, from safety and mobility to city leaders.

  • City
  • Leadership
  • Innovation Recovery
  • Enabling Technologies
  • Energy and Environment 
  • Mobility
  • Governance and Economy
  • Living and Inclusion
  • Safety and Security

Here are four examples of projects that made use technology to increase safety and connectivity. 

NYC Internet Master Plan

This project is a $157 million investment to close the digital divide. Mayor Bill de Blasio in October announced a plan for reaching up to 1.6million New Yorkers over the next 36 months. He also plans to create a publicly-owned, open-access broadband infrastructure. The City has also designated large and small companies to provide affordable, reliable connectivity options to another 70,000 residents in public housing. 150,000 residents will be served in the nearby communities by early-2022.

Wuhan’s Revitalization after COVID-19

Wuhan City was the first to use smart city technology in China. It also served as the epicenter for the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, the city has made extensive use of big data intelligence and urban governance to promote economic recovery following the pandemic. The Wet Market Upgrade project was created to address the impacts of the pandemic upon public spaces, such as farmers’ markets. The markets are now safer for residents to use. Facilities were retrofittedTo improve waste management, ventilation, and digitize the weighing of fresh produce.

Smart traffic solutions in Valdosta GA

To test a smart traffic management program, the city used a Georgia Smart Communities Challenge grant in 2020 All 128 traffic lights in the city were connected. It was designed to increase safety, connectivity, and efficiency for emergency personnel and everyday drivers. The city installed an emergency vehicle signal preemption system on firetrucks to give them priority when responding at a fire. The TravelSafely app in the city notifies users about approaching emergency vehicles and signal changes.

Modernizing Albuquerque’s water infrastructure

Cisco helped the city improve its water infrastructure operation and strengthen its cybersecurity defenses. The water authority used Cisco industrial switches and switching platform to connect water sensors throughout its infrastructure. For advanced threat protection, the authority also installed a Cisco industrial security appliance 3000. Cisco Cyber Vision was also installed to simplify the management and monitoring of programmable logic controllers, human-machine interfaces, and other OT components.

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