Mozilla has unveiled a new platform that allows privacy-focused emails to be sent

Mozilla Relay might be the answer to your problem if you don’t want to share your personal or professional email address, but you still need to create an account.

Image: Mozilla

Mozilla has launched Firefox Relay, a premium service that is both free and charged for. This privacy-focused platform allows you to conceal your email address to protect yourself. 

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The process is very simple. You create an account, then you create an alias. The alias you create is associated with the email address. The domain will be used by the alias created with a free account. A Premium account allows you to have five more aliases. You can also create a new email address for your aliases by paying for it.

These aliases can then be used for any purpose. Emails sent to these aliases will be forwarded directly to the associated account. It’s easy as pie. 

Okay, you probably noticed the problem with Firefox Relay before it was too late. Firefox Relay will not reduce the amount of spam you get. You will still receive spam if you sign up for a mailing list. Period. This does not, however, ensure that your actual email address isn’t sold or used by any company. You can also delete an alias if it no longer serves its purpose.

Firefox Relay is a great tool for anyone who is concerned about the privacy of their email addresses (personal or work). Firefox Relay is a great tool for anyone who gets spam every day (some of which I’m certain I never signed up), and I can attest that it can be very effective. 

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To sign up for any product or service, all I have to do is create an account, verify what I am using, then delete the alias. There is no hassle, no fuss, and no spam from companies making a profit off my data. 

How do you use Firefox Relay then? It’s very simple. Let me tell you how.

What you’ll require

First, sign up for a Firefox Account (the account that you use to sync Firefox) if you haven’t already. If not, go to relay.firefox.comRegister for an account. After you have signed up and logged in, you will be taken to the Relay main page.Figure AHere you can create your first name.

Figure A


Firefox Relay allows you to create your first alias.

After creating your first alias you will see it listed. Here you can view statistics, and give it a name.Figure B).

Figure B


Once you have your first alias, it’s time to start using it.

After the alias is no longer needed, you can delete it. To delete an Alias, click on the downward-pointing Arrow and click DeleteFigure C).

Figure C


You can delete an alias that you don’t need.

How to use Firefox Extension

Mozilla has also released an extension for Firefox that speeds up Relay interaction. Add the Relay extensionSwitch to Firefox and then click the icon on the toolbar. You will be taken to your Firefox Relay account page by clicking Manage All Aliases. The extension’s best feature is its ability to add a Relay icon for any email address on a website. Click that icon to activate the extensionFigure DThis will enable you to generate an automatic alias for signup purposes. 

Figure D


The Relay extension makes it easier to create aliases.

Firefox Relay serves a vital purpose. It has been very useful in stopping spammers from coming to my door. This is not a perfect solution, especially as it doesn’t work with the services I have already signed up. However, it is very useful to know I can delete an address and stop any spam from coming in.

Firefox Relay is a great option to help you with privacy concerns.

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