It’s possible: CES 2022 attendees learn new tech and navigate COVID-19 risks.

CTA claims that the show attracts “tens of thousand” of people and 2,300 businesses.

Guests attending CES 2022 on-site can use stickers for social distancing to show how much they want.

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COVID-19, the obnoxious guest at the party is uninvited. But CES 2022 organizers as well as in-person attendees make the most of this awkward situation. CTA President Gary Shapiro stated, “Mask for the photo!” at the opening session on Wednesday January 5. As a Group gathered on main stage. During Shapiro’s remarks and Karen Chupka’s EVP for CES, one person said, “One my coworkers got here and tested positive to COVID.” For the duration of his stay, he is being kept in quarantine in his own room.

These scenes were all familiar. The showroom was packed with people who flocked to it.Floor, although numbers were Only a fractionComparable to attendance in previous years. Although the showrooms aren’t empty they are full. Hotel parking garages can hold only a few carsIt reflects the smaller number of attendees who are in-person.High quality but low volume“This is how one person described CES-2022.

According to The Consumer Technology Association, there will be tens or thousands of visitors and more than 2,300 exhibiting businesses.

The show is smaller this year, but there is still plenty to see and do. BMW’s color-changing vehicleAttracting a lot attention. John Deere demonstrated an autonomous tractorMary Barra, GM CEO The new electric Silverado was unveiled. If you snore, a high-tech pillow will gently remind you to adjust your position.

A color-coded sticker that attendees can attach to their event badges is another “innovation” from this year’s show. Show your comfort when greeting others. Red is to keep your germs away and wave. Yellow is for an elbow bump and green is for a handshake.

Participants had to produce proof of vaccination in order to receive a badge. Each participant was also given two self test kits upon registration. Expectations are that everyone will be able to UseBoth The testsDuring the week to reduce the exposure risk

CTA does not keep track of case numbers at the show. Individuals who test positive at the show must return their badge and leave the venue. The U.S. is experiencing record numbers of cases, with more than 500,000 new cases per day. The entire country is in the red zone. Las Vegas is a hot spotNevada 

Despite the fact that there seems to be sufficient personal protective equipment in hospitals, COVID-19 treatments are not available. Some hospitals are running out of certain medications. Others are using algorithms to determine who receives treatment for Omicron cases..

It is not easy to find tests in retail stores like Kroger and Walmart. After a deal to buy the kits at cost expired, the price of self-home kit was increased. The federal government is Still working out details for a plan to send complimentary testsAnyone who asks for one. Any remaining testing kits from CES 2022 are a hot commodity.

It is too early to predict if CES2022 would be a big event. If participants follow the rules for testing, masking and other procedures, organizers will have done all they can to balance the advantages of in-person events with COVID-19 risk.

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