Git and GitHub make coding so much easier.

Git and GitHub are so quick and easy to fix any code mistakes or errors that you make, why should you feel frustrated and stressed? You can learn how to use them with this course.

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Git is so standard in coding, that it’s seldom even mentioned in tech job listing. Employers assume that you are proficient in both Git or GitHub. But what if you’ve finally taken the plunge and gone from zero tech experience to Python programmer with an affordable home training course? Maybe you just haven’t mastered Git, for whatever reason. Then The Complete Git & GitHub Bootcamp Bundle can make your coding job so much easier, and it’s now available for just $24.99.

Start with learning the most often used commands in “Git Essentials: The Step-by-Step Guide to Git & GitHub Mastery.” This course covers all the commands you will use every day, plus a few you may use just once a week. You don’t have to waste your time learning the commands you won’t use. It was very helpful to students. They rated it with 4.6 out 5 stars.

Instructor Kalob Taulien was also rated the same, having been creating websites since 1999. He is an outstanding teacher and has taught web development to thousands of students.

Next, learn version control in “Git & GitHub Version Control and Collaboration.” One thing you should do is keep a clear history of all your work. However, mistakes and accidents can occur when you collaborate with others. Git allows you to go back to the original state of things using a version control system. The GitHub website lets you store critical information and collaborate with others on open- and closed source projects.

Then you can get lots of hands-on practice with both in “Git & GitHub for Beginners: Practical Bootcamp.” It includes a cheat sheet, step by step guide, and more.

This opportunity is not to be missed Coding made easyGet The Complete Git and GitHub Bootcamp Bundle Now for Only $24.99 (normally $600).

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