How to use Google Translate for Microsoft Office documents translations

Google’s online translator is available to help you translate Office documents. With a click, you can now access documents from around the globe.

Image by Andy Wolber / TechRepublic

Google Translate is available on a website, mobile app, and as a Google Docs feature. You can also use the online version of Google Translate to translate documents stored on your computer. Google Translate supports Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations. After selecting the target and source languages, you simply point to the file that you wish to be translated. Google then takes care of everything else. Let’s look at how it all works.

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Then, open the Google Translate webpage in your browser. To change the target and source languages, click on the button. To view the complete list of languages, click the down arrow. You can also specify the language you want to be used for detection. However, this will not make the results more accurate.Figure A).

Figure A


The next step is to simply copy and paste what you wish to translate into the window that corresponds with the source language. However, the goal is to translate a whole document. Click the Documents link and choose Browse Your Computer. There are many file types that Microsoft Office supports, B).

Figure B


Choose the document you want to be translated. Let’s say we want to translate a Word file. Click the Translate button.Figure C).

Figure C


You can find the translated version on the website. Click on each paragraph to see the translation. A small window will open showing the text in its source language.Figure D).

Figure D


If you feel that the translation is not accurate, or if the target language is unfamiliar to you, click on the link to Help Create a Better Translation. Then, you can correct any mistakes in the translation (Figure E).

Figure E


To translate another file click the back button to return to Google Translate. Click on the Browse Your Computer button to choose a file other than an Excel spreadsheet. Next, click on the Translate button. The translated spreadsheet opens. To see the original text, hover over any paragraph that has been translated.Figure F).

Figure F


Try translating a PowerPoint presentation. Click the Translate button and open the file in Google Translate. The translated text appears as the original text. To compare the translated section with the source language, hover over it (Figure G).

Figure G


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