How to access folders or files you have shared from OneDrive

There are two ways you can access items that have been shared via Microsoft OneDrive. We will show you both.

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One of your co-workers or colleagues has shared folders and files from Microsoft OneDrive. You now need to decide how to access these shared items. One option is for you to navigate to the cloud to your OneDrive online storage and then select the Shared Folder. Online access to the files allows you to view and possibly edit them. Another option is to access these files from your device, either your laptop or your smartphone. You can add the shared folder directly to your OneDrive storage. Let’s take a look at both.

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How can I access my OneDrive shared items online

You should receive an email notification if someone shares folders or files from OneDrive. This will include the file name. To go to your OneDrive online storage, or to open it, click the Open button in the email. Your OneDrive siteSign in separately, and then sign in to your account.

You can access the shared files by clicking the Open button. Open the site separately to see all of your OneDrive content. Click on the Shared location, then select the name for the person sharing the files. Then, open the shared folder and view all files.Figure A).

Figure A


To open a file, click on it. If the file or document is editable, and the owner has granted you editing permission to view the file, you can modify it.Figure B).

Figure B


To see all shared files, go back to the folder. Right-click on any shared file. The commands that you see in the popup menu depend on whether or not you are able to view the file. Assuming that you have editing rights, the file can be opened in the associated program, shared with others, copied, moved, moved, renamed, and deleted. However, you should be aware that any action you take will affect the file’s owner as well. You can delete the file for the owner if you do so.Figure C).

Figure C


How to access OneDrive shared items on your computer and mobile device

You can easily access shared files and folders more quickly and efficiently by adding them to your OneDrive storage. These files can be retrieved from any computer or mobile device that has OneDrive. You can do this from your OneDrive online portal by clicking on the file or shared folder and choosing Add to My OneDrive.Figure D).

Figure D


A message will ask you to confirm that you wish to add the file or folder to your OneDrive. To confirm, click on Add Folder/Add File.

Next, open File Explorer for Windows and select OneDrive storage. You will now be able to see and manage all files in your OneDrive storage.Figure E).

Figure E


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