Global PC shipments hit highest volume since 2012

Canalys says that total computer shipment reached 341,000,000 units in 2021. This is a 15% increase over the previous year.

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Another year of record sales was recorded in the PC industry, as organizations and remote workers were forced by the coronavirus epidemic to stock up on computers. The whole of 2021 The 341 million PCs shipped were totalledCanalys, a research firm, stated Wednesday that shipments were up 15% over 2020 and 27% more than in 2019. This is the highest number of shipments since 2012

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Strong demand for notebooks, workstations, and desktops in the fourth quarter boosted the annual results. The final quarter of 2021 saw shipments rise to 91.7 millions, an increase of 1% over the quarter in 2020. Despite supply chain challenges that hindered vendors and manufacturers throughout the year, shipment numbers increased.

In addition to shipments, the industry also saw an increase in revenue. Overall revenue for the year was $253 billion. That’s 15% more than the $220billion in 2020. For the fourth quarter, revenue was estimated at $70 billion. This represents an 11% increase over the $62.3 million for 2020.


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A compound annual growth rate for 2020-2021 of 13% shows the impact of the pandemic. Because so many people work and attend school remotely, notebook and mobile workstation shipments jumped 16% to 275 millions units last year. Even desktop shipments, which have fallen each year in the past but rose by 7% to 66,000,000 units in 2021,

Ishan, Canalys senior analyst, said that “the market has seen double-digit growth in spite of the continuous cloud of supply constraints.” In a press statement, Ishan Dutt stated that the market had experienced strong PC demand over the past 12 months. In a press release, Ishan Dutt stated that PCs are now in the hands both of young students and their older relatives. However, it is becoming more common to own two or more computers per person in developed markets. The pandemic has seen a greater than usual proportion of PCs shipped to new devices rather than replacements. This was especially true for areas such as education or remote work.

All five of the top computer vendors saw an increase in shipments over the past year. Lenovo was the clear winner with a 24% market share and 82.1 million shipments. HP came in second with a 21.7% market share and shipments of 74million. Dell shipped 59.3 millions units in 2021 with a 17.4% share of the market. Apple took fourth place with shipments of 28.9 millions. Acer occupied 7.1% of the market with 24.3 million shipments.

The fourth quarter saw declining PC shipments at Lenovo and HP, while all other vendors experienced growth. However, Lenovo remained the leader in terms of market share and total shipments, with HP coming in second.


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Canalys anticipates that the demand for computers will continue to rise as 2022 progresses and more people work remotely.

According to a press release, Rushabh Doshi, principal analyst at Canalys, said that 2021 was the year for digital transformation and 2022 the year for digital acceleration. We will see increased revenue from the spending on premium PCs and monitors, accessories, and other technology products that allow us to work anywhere and collaborate across the globe, and stay ultra-productive. It is vital that PCs are faster, safer, more resilient, and more secure than ever before. The industry is eager to invent and push the boundaries to maintain this momentum.

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