CES 2022: LG displays screen technology that allows displays to be placed virtually anywhere

LG Display will be demonstrating a variety of tech at its CES 2022 booth.

LG’s OLED Smart Window is now available, as shown at CES 2022.

LG Image

LG, a Korean tech giant, has arrived at CES 2022 with a variety of new display technologies that it claims will make flexible and transparent OLED displays more practical than ever.

Before you get into the details, it helps to know what OLEDs actually are. OLEDs produce their own light. OLEDs are able to produce their own light, so new uses have been created. LG is betting that OLED.EX will make its new products stand apart. 

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OLED.EX is able to increase brightness by 30% using ” LG Display’s deuterium, personalized algorithm-based EX Technology”, the company claimed when it announced OLED.EX to be launched in 2021. Although it is not clear what algorithms and deuterium do to brighten and “enhance stability and efficiency” of the organic light emitting device, it would seem that a 30% increase in brightness for transparent screens would be quite valuable. LG has confirmed this. 

LG is betting big on OLED.EX. LG will release all its OLED TVs in the second quarter 2022 with OLED.EX screens and phase out regular OLED from its TVs. 

LG Display’s booth at CES.

LG Display will not only be showing its OLED.EX technology but also displaying several new implementations. This may encourage businesses to make further investments if they do not see a business case for it.

LG’s Smart Window is the most practical and valuable for enterprises. It is designed to be placed onto a conference room or other transparent surface. 

LG will also display its Show Window technology. It has been upgraded from a single OLED screen to four transparent OLED screens measuring 55 inches. LG claimed that it is “maximizing the advertising potential” of window displays. 

An SMS (Shopping Management Showcase) was designed to fit inside a wooden stand in “luxurious department shops.” The SMS “can display eyecatching visual content on screen that harmonizes to the products behind to better grab shoppers’ attention and elevate the atmosphere of the place,” LG stated. 

Transparent OLEDs designed for subway windows will also appear, showing their ability to provide “useful information regarding subway schedules and weather as well as news all while giving passengers an unobstructed view of the outside world.” I hope that this scenery is more than just subterranean underground tunnels. 

Two immersive displays have been shown, one to place a stationary bicycle in a virtual riding area, and the other to allow you to relax in comfort, while being surrounded by an OLED screen with Cinematic Sound OLEDs. LG claims that these OLEDs emit sound from within the OLED screen.

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LG will also demonstrate a 17-inch folding laptop display that it claims is “almost completely crease-free.” It can optionally be touch-sensitive making it a great way to increase productivity even if you don’t have a bigger monitor at home.

LG also showcases IPS Black, a new LCD product that offers a 35% deeper black than its other IPS models. LG will display IPS Black in a 27-inch UHD monitor at CES 2022. 

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