AI Training: Make the most of your tech skills to propel your career upwards

If your tech career seems a bit stagnant, you can use the skills that you already have to progress in data science and game development, IoT, cybersecurity, and other areas.

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Artificial intelligence is used in everything from the Internet of Things to fighting cybersecurity attacks, so those cutting-edge skills will be in high demand for quite some time to come, which makes them a perfect choice for turbocharging your mid-level tech career. Machine Learning Master Class Bundle can take your intermediate skills and boost them in a number of different directions, including data science and gaming.

If you are familiar with Python and math, then skip the overview, Machine Learning For Absolute Beginners. This will give hands-on experience with nine real projects. If you are interested in data science which is used by every industry, from tech to medical, follow the “Data Visualization With Python” guide. On the other hand, if math gives you problems, take “Mathematical Foundations For Machine Learning & AI” which can demystify it for you.

You will need to be proficient in R programming to move up in data science positions. R programming was created specifically for statistical computing by statisticians. It is the preferred language for working directly with data. You can begin with “R Programming Basics” and then proceed to “Introduction To Data Science With R Programming.”

You’ll then be ready to learn “Machine Learning With R”, which provides hands-on training using all the key tools such as Tensor Flow. Twitter, Google and other big-name platforms use this open-source software to add AI elements such as speech recognition to the applications. You can also dive deeper with “Tensorflow for Beginners.”

AI exists in games, too. “Unreal Game Development for Beginners” will teach you how to develop a 3D game using your existing programming skills.

This bundle of courses is rated five stars by verified buyers. These courses are provided by Eduonix. This team of industry professionals creates and distributes training content of the highest standard in fields such as web development, enterprise, database administration, mobility, and many more. But if you need a little extra help focusing on this new content, try a little AI-powered music and Pomodoro combo.

Do not miss this opportunity to use your intermediate tech skills. Train in cutting-edge AI technologyTake advantage of the sale price for The Machine Learning Master Class bundle at $39 (normally $449).

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