10 gift ideas to give the iPad owner in your holiday shopping for 2021

Looking for gifts for iPad enthusiasts? These gifts are perfect for iPad owners.

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The iPad began its life in a bizarre place. After being caught in the limbo between iPhones & Macs for many years, the iPad is finally a true powerhouse capable of rivaling the productivity capabilities even of the largest MacBooks. 

The tablet needs additional accessories to maximize its productivity. While the laptop is equipped with all the necessary tools, it does not come with the right accessories. There are some obvious ones, such as the Apple Pencil that adds functionality, while others are more subtle but are just as important for safe and productive iPad use.

These gift ideas are great for someone you know who uses their iPad for work.


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Although it is only compatible with certain iPad models (so make sure to gift a support one), the Apple Pencil remains the most sought-after accessory. It’s responsive, makes the iPad easy to use, and the Apple Pencil supports a variety of apps which make it even more useful for artists, designers, note-takers, and other users. 

Apple: $129


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One of the many keyboard cases that fit different iPad models could have been my choice, but this one is better. It is also waterproof, lasts three months on a single charge, and includes a stand for your iPad to rest it on. 

Apple: $70


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This aluminum iPad stand folds up for easy transportability. Although it is very heavy, it can be folded down easily. I own one and it is where I rest my iPad when using Sidecar mode with my MacBook. It does everything it was designed to do and more. 

Apple: $40


Image by Apple

This cover is folio-style and comes in a variety prices, colors, options, and models. Instead of linking directly to one product, the link to these covers will take users to all products on Apple’s site. These covers are great because they attach magnetically and are not noticeable. They can also be folded up and used as a stand. These covers are a great choice for anyone who needs to protect their iPad and use it as a stand with a single color-coordinated accessory. 



Image courtesy of Amazon

This multi-device Hub can be plugged into any iPad with a USB C Port. It provides seven additional ports to allow for HDMI, 3.5mm sound, USB 3.0 and SD card, MicroSD card, USB C data, USB PD, and USB 3.0. These hubs are a great choice for creative professionals, particularly photographers.

Amazon: $34


Image: Braintreehouse, LLC

This handy tabletop accessory was created for creative professionals who use an iPad. The Sketchboard Pro is available for many iPad models. This tabletop accessory can be used as an easel to rest your arms while you draw, sketch, design, or do any other activities that you would like with an iPad. 

Braintreehouse – $119


Image: Paperlike

Although they are perfectly functional screen protectors, the paper-like iPad screen protectors were created for Apple Pencil users that miss the tactile experience of paper. Pencil users will feel the tactile sensation of paper when using Paperlike screen protectors. They have a matte, slightly rough surface. It is really fun to write on. You get two screen protectors per pack. If you’re anything like me, it’s easy to get cat hairs under them while you put it on. 



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If you ever dreamed of owning a touchscreen MacBook, the iPad case is your best bet. This case makes the iPad behave and look like a laptop. It has keyboard backlighting and a 360-degree hinge. 



We hear you love accessories.

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I take my iPad and Apple Pencil everywhere. However, the magnet that holds the Pencil in position is strong but it’s not strong sufficient to ensure my Pencil stays attached when it’s in my bag. A pencil case similar to this one is what I use. The case can be used to hold the Pencil as well as AirPods and a power brick. It also has spare Pencil tips.

Amazon: $12


Image: Etsy/bertiescloset

A tablet case is essential, especially if you are a frequent traveler and don’t need a bulky case. Bertiescloset, an Etsy seller, makes beautiful cases in a wide range of fabrics. This is the one I have. However, if you or your intended recipient prefer different fabrics, there are many options.

Bertiescloset is on Etsy