Wild fan favorite Nate Prosser retires after an improbable, ‘not pretty,’ beloved career – [Update News]

Of the gazillion Nate Prosser stories that have been written, many of them by yours truly, one quote stands out to me and will go down as my favorite I’ve ever gotten from the parent of a player.

Chris Prosser was the one who gave it to him. Chris Prosser was asked to give a 2018 scouting report about his boy. He took a long, deep breath and mumbled it with a huge laugh. “Hmmmmm,” he responded. “Thirty-nine’s not pretty.”

“Competitive night in and night out,” he added. “Usually in good position. Blocks shots. Willing to take a hit in order to make a play. A penalty killer is a great underrated skill.

“But,” Prosser’s bearded pops said with a mischievous grin and comedic timing, “39’s not pretty.”

And Nate’s career wasn’t pretty, either, but still Chris and “Muggs” Prosser’s son will now walk away from it as one of the most well-liked teammates in Wild history.

Prosser tells [Update News] that the day has come. Prosser will be retiring from the NHL after a 12-year career, which included 360 games, even though he was often the seventh defenseman.

That’s not easy to do in a league where depth defensemen come and go like a brisk Minnesota winter wind.

“I wonder what the record is for most healthy scratches in history,” Nate Prosser asked aloud Monday morning.