Why Steve Yzerman thinks Nicklas Lidstrom’s ‘going to be great’ for the Red Wings’ front office – [Update News]

Not all players are made for this. Working in hockey after one’s playing career is not for everyone.

Because it’s real work. It’s rolling up your sleeves and logging air miles and long drives behind the wheel, and watching games in rinks in the middle of nowhere.

It’s not for everyone. Not for the NHL superstars who have retired with such a strong bank account.

It takes passion to be passionate enough to give your time.

Sidney Crosby could be a fantastic GM if he chose to follow that path. He’s so plugged into what’s going on around the game all at times. He’s got the DNA for it. He doesn’t know if this will be what attracts him in the future.

Jason Spezza is certain to have the make-up for it. You can bet he will one day manage an NHL team. It’s fun to try and guess that, looking at players today.

This conversation was 20 years ago, in 2002. It occurred around the time that Nicklas Lidstrom and Steve Yzerman were winning a third Stanley Cup. Imagine a day when the Red Wings legends would share the front office.

Two legendary Red Wings captains. Two of the greatest NHL players. Two humble men. Both at the same front desk.

Is it possible?

Honestly, Tuesday’s announcement that Lidstrom had been hired by Detroit as vice president of hockey operations kind of took your breath away.