Why isn’t anyone talking about the Carolina Hurricanes. – [Update News]

I’m not that girl. In fact, people tweeting “Why is no one talking about (insert thing here)?” is one of my biggest internet pet peeves. And don’t you dare call me a Hurricanes homer, or I’ll gently remind you I’m from Boston.

I still had time to enjoy all the hockey content while on COVID-19 protocol. You can see that I really worked hard.

I asked myself a question that often makes me laugh.

Why isn’t anyone talking about the Canes

I listened or read at least four podcasts and a lot of national stories in multiple publications. I even browsed Instagram. There was a sentence here and there, sure, but why is no one on a national level really talking about this 24-7-1 team?

Fine, I’ll do it myself.

Let’s start with the objective stats after their 6-3 win over the Flames on Friday.

The Canes are the league’s leading team in:

• Point percentage (.766)

• Wins and ROW (24, with only 32 games played)

• Goal differential (plus-43, 10 more than No. 2 Colorado)

• Fewest goals against (69, nice!)

• Fewest goals against per game (2.13)

• Fewest shots against per game (27.2)

These are only a few of the categories where they rank first.

• They’re second in penalty kill percentage (89.8)

• Fifth in goals per game (3.5)

You get the idea. They have solid fundamentals, especially when compared to other players in the league. This should be enough for people to start talking.

What is the answer?