Who were the NHL’s best finishers in 2021? – [Update News]

The difference between winning and losing games is goal scoring. That’s why it helps to have players who can finish. What are the NHL’s top finishers?

[Update News]’s Dom Luszczyszyn last checked in after the 2019-20 season, so we’re going to pick up where he left off. Since there weren’t any other regular-season games in 2020, our focus is going to be on the calendar year of regular-season games in 2021 — so technically, the entire 56-game 2020-21 season, plus the first chunk of 2021-22. We’re going to do this with the help of Micah Blake McCurdy, the creator of HockeyViz. 

McCurdy came up with “Finish” charts for both shooters and goaltenders that are available with a SubscriptionHis site. These graphs show, shot by shot type how many goals a player has relative to other players. expectations.

Via HockeyViz

HockeyViz’s expected goal model is one of four ‘core’ models in the public sphere.