Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen’s focus has helped him take over the Sabres net – [Update News]

Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen simply doesn’t care. Normally, that’s a poor trait for a professional athlete. For goalies, however, it’s a must. The Sabres’ rookie netminder simply doesn’t care that a puck just went in.

He’s already focused on stopping the next one.

“There’s really no point of looking back on those things,” Luukkonen said. “If they score one or two or three, it doesn’t matter. In the end, you just have to focus on the game in front of you.”

In his latest start, the 22-year old proved that his positive mindset can be a benefit. San Jose scored three goals on 11 shots in the opening period. This was a result of several Sabres mistakes. But Luukkonen stopped the final 10 attempts, including breakaways, point-blank opportunities, and the remaining nine.

Not once did he — or the Sabres — believe anything else was possible.

“His body language was great,” coach Don Granato said. “He’s in the zone right now. He wants to play hockey, he’s hungry to play hockey, and he believes in his ability right now.

“It’s fun to watch.”

It’s also a long time coming.

Since Linus Ullmark’s 2015 goalie debut, Rochester has not seen a goalie who established himself as a potential No. 1. While there have been some decent games from goalies over the last seven seasons, no one has taken the reins and proven they are worthy of the job.

Luukkonen is making a strong, strong case. His.922 save rate is tied for 11th place in the NHL.