Top contenders, 4 dark horses, and what’s a fair price to pay? – [Update News]

It’s rare to see a player like Jakob Chychrun available on the trade market. Talented young defensemen on cheap contracts can often be pieces for a franchise, even for a rebuilding team like the Arizona Coyotes.

There’s no guarantee the Coyotes trade Chychrun, but there’s been increasingly feverish speculation and rumors surrounding his future in the desert. At the very least, the smoke signals that he’s not an untouchable as general manager Bill Armstrong continues his roster’s complete demolition.

Chychrun’s availability should be music to the ears of general managers around the league. However, it raises some questions: Would they be able to lure Arizona with their assets and which teams would be logically interested in him based on need? How good is the player? What’s a fair price to pay?

Let’s dig in.

Chychrun’s performance and the lack of trade value comparables

Nobody can question the fact that Chychrun’s play this season has been rough.

Arizona was outscored 31-9 by their No.1 defensiveman at five on five. That goal differential has been exaggerated a bit due to tough puck luck, but his 44.1 percent expected goal share tells us he’s legitimately been hemmed in his own end and struggled to drive play. His offensive production has also dropped.

That said, a down season shouldn’t obfuscate Chychrun’s immense value.