The defense forgets how to defense, and the goalies take the brunt of it – [Update News]

After the Hurricanes’ 6-0 loss to the Blue Jackets on Thursday, you have two options.

You can also take the blue pill.

You can also take the red pill.

The defense’s failure to defend is my most regrettable take. And that’ll remind you how important Jaccob Slavin (COVID-19 protocol) is to this team.

“Our D are supposed to be pinching, supposed to be on the walls making it hard for them to bring the puck out. Our forwards are supposed to be backing them up,” captain Jordan Staal said postgame. “We just didn’t do that tonight. It was very obvious. After a few seconds of being in their zone, we might think that everything was fine. But then, they make a play and take off. It’s not our style. It’s obviously not our game.”

That was the essence of the game. Here’s a recap:

“We’re not going to go into full panic mode over here about one game,” Tony DeAngelo said after a game misconduct he got from arguing with the refs. “But I think we stunk tonight.”

Very well said.

You’ll notice the goalie change after goal four — Jack LaFontaine’s much-anticipated debut came early, in relief of Freddie Andersen. I’d pin about 3 percent of the loss on Andersen and 0 percent on LaFontaine.