Taylor Hall has risen for the Bruins. Here’s how that’s happened – [Update News]

Taylor Hall has had six assists and two goals in six of his last six games. It is the most productive six-game stretch of the left wing’s season.

The primary reason for Hall’s revival is simple. David Pastrnak, his six-game linemate, has been an accelerant for Hall’s ember-to-bonfire transformation.

“I love playing with Pasta,” Hall said after notching two assists Monday in a 7-3 thrashing of Washington. “Last year, getting to this team, getting a chance to play with him a little bit in practices and things like that, he’s such a great player. He has real good hockey sense, a real good way of getting open and staying open.”

Since Bruce Cassidy moved Pastrnak from the No. 2 spot to the Bruins, they are now 5-1-0 2 line. Wins are important.

Hall’s trip to cruising altitude, however, has been just as critical as gaining 10 of 12 points. Hall had not scored five-on-five goals since the second season. Hall has experienced exit velocity after a ride with Pastrnak.

“He’s a pretty explosive player,” Cassidy of Pastrnak. “He finds the ice, can finish plays and can pass as well as he shoots. It’s a good combination right now.”

Hall was the NHL Draft’s initial pick in 2010. He was awarded the Hart Trophy in 2018. In 2018, he won the Hart Trophy. The No. He is an alpha dog, blessed with speed and skill to drive offense among the league’s elite.