Sabres’ Don Granato singles out ‘fearless’ Rasmus Dahlin to team he sees playing with too much fear – [Update News]

BUFFALO, N.Y. — People have been watching Rasmus Dahlin since the Sabres selected him at the top of the 2018 draft. Don Granato made sure that Dahlin was viewed by 19 more people on Thursday.

Those eyeballs belonged to Dahlin’s teammates.

“I pointed out Rasmus Dahlin after the first period to the rest of the team,” Granato said in KeyBank Center. “I pointed out what I love about watching that guy play: It’s fearless.

“Just watch that guy. Amazing. He elevates when things go wrong. Something goes wrong, a turnover, he’s trying so damn hard the next time. He might turn the puck back over, but he’s trying. He’s fearless.”

Buffalo’s coach singled out Dahlin’s game in the locker room because he saw too much fear elsewhere. One of Granato’s tenets is to play aggressively and without hesitation. Granato was forced to embody his principles when the Sabres fell in an early 3-0 hole, on their way to a 3-1 loss to San Jose.

Dahlin skated for 28 minutes, 47 secs. It was the highest total of Dahlin’s career in a regulation game and second only to his 29:15 during an overtime loss to Toronto in December 2018.

Dahlin didn’t just skate in circles, either. Dahlin attempted 11 shots in total, five of which were blocked by Adin Hill, his goalie. He also scored a takeaway, hit and giveaway while skating 3 minutes and 7 seconds on the power play.

“Spectacular, spectacular game,” Granato said. “It was just shift after shift for him that he was good. It seemed that he had five men who made it happen with every possession.