Projecting the 2024-25 standings – [Update News]

Welcome to this year’s edition of the NHL Future Rankings, where we attempt to predict how the NHL standings will look in the 2024-25 season. This is done by evaluating the team’s current and future players, the market and the people running the team.

Even the best young players can’t guarantee success. Capitals and Penguins have been successful with old rosters for quite some time. The rebuilding of the Panthers, Islanders, and Panthers has been extremely lengthy. The rebuilding of the Sabres is now in its third or forth iteration.

Thus, we’ve changed the weighting system from past articles. This year we will have three variables be the driving force: A team’s young talent, their actual current roster and the combination of the market and owner. Why do market and owner have such a large weight? The NHL Mega Mock Draft showed how heavily cities and their owners were prioritised. This echoes many discussions I’ve had with NHL executives who consistently stress the importance of good ownership in building contenders.

Executives pointed out the flipside: Managers, coaches, and salary cap space can be easily moved around than you can move your city or owner.

Evaluations were conducted at the prospects and under-23 levels