Due to worsening coronavirus epidemics, the Kontinental Hockey League KHL (largely Russian ice hockey league) will be taking a week-long vacation.

The KHL announced that all games between January 15-21 have been cancelled.

It was also reported that 171 KHL club members, including 124 players had COVID-19 as yesterday.

It was an increase of 60 instances in one day. Players were responsible for 27 of these positive tests.

Before the week-long hiatus, there are three more games that remain to be tentatively planned today and tomorrow.

A break for the Winter Olympics was then planned. The next fixtures are listed on KHL’s website on February 22. Some postponed games will still be scheduled during this planned break.

It is not clear that players will be prevented from being released for Beijing 2022. This has already happened with players in the National Hockey League (NHL).

The NHL is based in Canada and in the United States and is widely considered the best men’s hockey league in the globe, with the KHL being its closest competitor.

The KHL’s break is a good opportunity for those heading to Beijing 2022. They will be able to avoid contact with others and reduce the chance of the virus being transmitted.

KHL players are able to play at the Winter Olympics next month, but COVID-19 is currently rampant among squads ©Getty Images
KHL players are able to play at the Winter Olympics next month, but COVID-19 is currently rampant among squads ©Getty Images

Alexei Morozov, President of KHL, stated that “I want you to reiterate – the health and well-being of fans and players is our primary goal in times like pandemics.”

“The rate of spread and current information regarding the epidemiological situation in the country, the world, and in the country indicate that coronavirus cases in the United States will continue to rise over the next three days.” 

“That is why the League decided that four matchdays would be postponed, as most games won’t take place due to the quarantine.

“Postponed Games will also be played during the Olympic break. A new schedule will be published by the KHL by the end January. 

“The FHR [Russian Ice Hockey Federation]We have been able to confirm our ability to host games during the Olympics. We are in touch with each other to resolve the problem.”

The Beijing 2022 men’s ice hockey tournament is scheduled for February 9, 20 and 20.

A Russian Olympic Athletes team, consisting of KHL players, won Pyeongchang 2018’s gold medal.

The KHL has 19 Russian teams, with other clubs located in China, Finland and Belarus.