Flyers’ Wade Allison, one step closer to a return by joining the Phantoms

Flyers of Philadelphia are looking for much needed assistance. Anthony Sanfilippo, Flyers writer Crossing BroadWade Allison, forward, will return to action in the American Hockey League (AHL), with the Lehigh Valley Phantoms. After playing just a few games with the Phantoms, Allison should be fully fit and ready to be recalled by Flyers. The Flyers have been looking for a gritty, hard-working player like him all season.

Heard this morning: @NHLFlyersForward Wade Allison will be back in action Saturday in the AHL’s with the @LVPhantoms. The plan is for Allison to get a few games with them and then, assuming he’s healthy, be recalled by the Flyers.

This is huge news to Allison and the Flyers. Allison had been suffering from an elbow injury since December, which was going to keep his out for an undisclosed amount of time. While the exact extent of the injury wasn’t known at the time it was likely to be minor and he will soon make his return. This will be an excellent opportunity to concentrate on the fact that he has only played three games due to injury. Making an ImpactGet things moving. 

Allison’s Impact With the Flyers

Allison was immediately a positive influence on the Flyers after being drafted in 2016 NHL Draft. He quickly became a favorite among team management as well as fans.

“He’s a terrific, enthusiastic kid, very personable, loves the game,” said Mike O’Connell, Flyers senior advisor to the general manager/player development. “Right off the bat, watching him his first couple of workouts, it was really his shot that impressed me. He’s got an incredible release, NHL shot…. I think he’s got a really good chance to be an outstanding NHL player. Use that shot, get him in the open spots, get him to understand where his spot is on the ice, where he’s going to score. He looks like a scorer to me, and I’m excited about his future.”

Wade Allison Philadelphia Flyers
Wade Allison, Philadelphia Flyers (Photo: Jeanine Leech/Icon Sportwire via Getty Images

After playing 14 NHL games last season, Allison had seven points, including four goals and three assists. One of those two-goal games was against the Washington Capitals, which resulted in a game-winning goal. His time in the NHL is short but it’s likely the beginning to a long and prosperous career with the Flyers. 

“It was huge to get just a sample of what the speed, what the physicality is like,” said Allison. “Just a guide, kind of test out the water and stuff. It’s good. I feel confident in my ability and I think that hopefully, I can make a push for the team this year.”

He could be the player to turn the tide for the Flyers this year. His talent and energy add a positive vibe to the lineup, regardless of who he’s playing with. He is capable of filling in for top-line forwards but also has the versatility to step in and take those lines to new heights.

Pushing through difficult challenges

Allison’s career has been nothing short of difficult so far, but he continues to make the best of each opportunity he is given. He has had to deal with injury after injury and has lost more time on the ice than he spent on it. His determination to keep returning each time is what makes him stand out from the rest.

“You go to work and you’re banged up and you’ve got to take care of that before you have to perform, it’s an added weight,” O’Connell said. “A young player trying to prove himself in the best league in the world makes it even more difficult. Having him fresh, having him in the right frame of mind physically, is only going to promote his mental health and his confidence and to deal with all the little setbacks that are going to happen when you’re playing in the best league in the world, or trying to play in the best league in the world.”

Allison will try to get back to full swing this weekend with the Phantoms, and hopefully stay in good health for the future. His talents and energy are much needed in the struggling Flyers’ lineup.