Everything you need to know before the Games – [Update News]

The “Miracle On Ice” was 42 years ago, and the Kurt Russell movie is nearly old enough to vote.

If you’re looking for a reason to pay attention to Team USA at the 2022 Beijing Olympics — if you want an excuse to watch a bunch of largely unknown guys, competing at odd hours under bizarre circumstances — you’re not going to do any better than that.

American hockey needs something new. We need a new moment. We need a fresh movie. This tournament — and this team, long as its shot may be — is the best shot we’re going to get. Why not join us from the beginning? That’s the best reason to watch, but it’s not the only one. This is what you need to know about the U.S. men’s hockey team, which released its full roster on Thursday. If most of this is new to you, you’re excused.

These are the most captivating stories

1. The older guys. For the last several days — if not since the NHL pulled the plug on its own participation in December — the team-building route taken by GM John Vanbiesbrouck and Co. has been clear; when in doubt, go young. This was evident in the final roster breakdown which included 15 current NCAA athletes in 25 spots. We’ll get to them later. They’re important.

But for human drama, look to guys like Kenny Agostino, Andy Miele, David Warsofsky, Brian O’Neill — guys who left North America to keep living the dream and are now the primary beneficiaries of a wild, unrepeatable, largely negative set of circumstances.

Agostino is the KHL’s highest-scoring American player in his first season.