Philly: Drippy in Philly, complaints by Columbus and a new No. 1 in Winnipeg – [Update News]

Folks, happy weekend and welcome back to [Update News]’s Official NHL Style Power Rankings™. There have been several pressing developments in the world of NHL fashion since we last talked that we absolutely need to discuss, so let’s get right into it.

First, the Leafs took only one month and a quarter of the season to remove their business casual dress code. This was surprising for no one. Apparently — and I don’t even want to type this because it is so graphic and traumatizing — somebody showed up in a T-shirt. I tried my best to figure out what had happened but no one was willing to share the details. So let’s pour one out for what could have been and reminisce on the good ole days when — oh, wait — their social media team barely showed us what they were wearing to begin with.

We’ll always have Mickey Marner.

Second, the Flyers win the entire honorable note spot. They apparently held a “drip” contest in which they went out to dinner on the road with instructions to dress “drippy.”

I’m always there for those who take risks in the world, even if that means wearing sweatsuits.

Third, thanks to the Columbus Blue Jackets who referred to these rankings This article is a great one about their fashion choices..