Boston Bruins Should Not Sign Evander Kayne

The Boston Bruins are a team that has a narrow Stanley Cup window. They are likely to need to add more talent if they are to win a Championship. After the Evander Kane incident, the Bruins should avoid any negotiations with him. San Jose Sharks end his contract. Both can and should be true.

Evander Kane’s contract was terminated by San Jose Sharks. Now, Kane is seeking a new contract from another NHL team. (Amy Irvin/ The Hockey Writers

While the Bruins have started off the 2022 calendar year in a big way, going 4-1-0 with a well-rounded scoring attack, it’s unrealistic to think that the team would feel confident entering the playoffs without adding to their roster. All things considered, there can never be enough talent for a team competing in a Championship in any sport. That should also apply to all Championship contenders. While there’s a legitimate discussion to be had about having too many mouths to feed, egos getting in the way and the like, good coaching and a unified goal can triumph those discussions in the short term.

At the same time, though, talent alone doesn’t necessarily mean a player is a worthwhile acquisition. Although there may be intangibles that can positively impact the perception of a player within the league, there are also detractors. Especially when those detractors can just as easily break a team’s chemistry apart as good leadership can help transform a team’s identity.

In the case of Kane, there’s no denying the talent that he has when it comes to the game of hockey. Kane, a 30-year-old winger, has shown time and again that he is capable of producing offensively in the NHL. He is a consistent 20-goal scorer with several 30-goal campaigns.

Kane’s Long List of Issues Are Too Much To Ignore

Even knowing that nobody is denying his talent, it’s interesting then that he’s such a polarizing figure in the NHL and has been throughout his career. His time with the Winnipeg Jets was marked by constant discussions about his personality and how he relates to his teammates. These stories would eventually follow him to Buffalo Sabres, and then the Sharks.

While “character issues” can be used as a blanket statement for a lot of different things, it’s hard to ignore the long list of baggage that has come out over the course of Kane’s career; especially over the past few years with some significant claims and His case was investigated. Although there was deemed to be “no evidence” of these issuesThe suggestion of their existence, along with the many other problems that continue to arise in Kane’s life, cast an unmistakable shadow over Kane’s career.

Even if Kane wins the grievance NHLPA on his behalf, that doesn’t change the fact that adding a player with so much of a history would cause more damage than it would create benefits for the Bruins as a whole. The Bruins have a strong leadership group. Patrice Bergeron, captain and it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to bring in someone like Kane who time and time again has found himself on the outside looking in with regards to team chemistry.

Evander Kane - Sharks
Evander Kane will likely find a home on his fourth NHL team on a one-year deal, but it shouldn’t be with the Boston Bruins. (Amy Irvin/ The Hockey Writers

Kane will likely find a home. One-year contractTo play the remaining 2021-22 season. While there already appear to be multiple suitors interested in taking a waiver on Kane, the Bruins shouldn’t be one of them. Although they may feel that Kane’s talent is too valuable to pass up on a team-friendly deal, it should not be the deciding factor in these kinds of decisions.

It’s a good idea to look at the remainder of the season, up to the 2022 trade deadline, and determine what their most urgent needs are. Whether it’s bringing in a more established No. There are many options available to add a second center to the team, strengthen their blueline, or simply bring in another player who can score.

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With that said, team fit is also a very important factor to consider here and that doesn’t just include on-ice fit. When the Trade Deadline rolls around, the Bruins should have an idea of what they need and who’s available. They should first look at what they have, and then let another team manage Kane. This is something that three other NHL teams have attempted and failed to do.