Andrew Shaw’s Blackhawks legacy, as told by teammates, friends and coaches – [Update News]

Andrew Shaw is content in his job, happy as a father in Ontario and happy cooking for his daughter.

Head injuries forced the irascible agitator to retire before he hit 30, but Shaw’s legacy is secure. His name is on the Stanley Cup twice, and the images of him lifting the Cup in 2013 with blood pouring from his cheek, or headbutting the puck in the goal during overtime in Anaheim, or picking fights with players who had five inches and 50 pounds on him are forever seared into Chicago’s hockey consciousness.

He played just 40 games in a Blackhawks uniform in the past nearly six years, but he still gets recognized by “civilians” when he’s in town.

“It feels great,” he said. “Who doesn’t like to be loved?”

But the love affair between Chicago and Shaw doesn’t compare to the love affair between Shaw’s teammates and Shaw. The loud, obnoxious, goofy, profane, twice-undrafted “mutt” brought energy and humor to the locker room every day, and grit and heart to the ice.

So yes, 116 goals and 131 assists in 544 career games with the Blackhawks and Canadiens — who will meet Thursday night at the United Center after a pregame ceremony to honor Shaw — is quite a feat. But to get a better feel for Shaw’s true legacy, we reached out to his former teammates, coaches and friends in hockey for their best stories and first-hand accounts of Shaw’s inimitable impact.