Alex Ovechkin wants to be The Great 8(94) and the Arizona Coyotes are the worst team in the salary cap era. – [Update News]

Alex Ovechkin is the greatest goal-scorer ever. That should no longer be in question, not with his ferociously consistent pace into his mid-30s, and not with the way he’s done it in this era where scoring is arguably as hard as it’s ever been. That he’s doing it despite missing time to a cancelled season, a lockout-shortened season and two pandemic-shortened seasons make it all the more impressive. He’d already be well over 800 goals if not for that, chasing just one man.

The chase would be a formality. It would add a final touch to what many already know. The reason for that is that it already feels like a foregone conclusion that he’s going to hit the mark — and then some. There is not a single doubt in my mind he’s going to do it.

I’ve done this song and dance two times before — might as well update where things stand now that Ovechkin is sitting at 741 goals, fifth all-time. Based on a typical age curve, I believed there was a clear path for Ovechkin to reach 40 in 2019. A year later, that forecast changed to age 38 and though that’s looking less likely now due to time missed, he’s making up for it with a monster performance this season. It’s time for another update, one that’s increasingly looking like ‘when’ not ‘if.’

Ovechkin, 36, has scored 11 goals in his 12 first games. It’s a grueling start for him.