A very happy Brayden Point helps lead the Lightning to victory – [Update News]

It was the best of times but it was also the most blurred of times.

The good news is? The good news is that the Vancouver Canucks did much better against the Tampa Bay Lightning. It’s the type of game a coach will be proud to talk about in postgame scrum, and the great effort on display that night.

The bad news: It was clear that Vancouver and the top league teams were at odds once more.

Give Tampa Bay enough time and they’ll find a way to strip you apart. It’s like Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out, where he would blink a couple of times to let you know the knockout punch is coming. You can dodge it all, but it’s over if it hits.

This should not surprise anyone. While the winning streak was great, everyone knew that the Canucks would soon fall to earth and be the playoff bubble team many people had predicted. Fans want to see this level of effort every night. If they’re going to lose, at least put up a fight, which the Canucks did in spades Thursday night.

Now I know we’ve had enough moral victories around these parts to last us a lifetime, but to the Canucks’ credit, this game felt like the good kind of moral victory. The team played an honest game, made Tampa Bay work hard for their two points and Tyler Motte scored a nice enough goal to be on TSN.