A Team Canada 2022 Olympic NHL player roster, plus an Oilers goaltending solution – [Update News]

Up until three weeks ago, the NHL’s 2022 Olympic participation was a reality. Then came another COVID-19 spike — almost 100 postponed games and counting — and finally, an official withdrawal from the Beijing Games. We’re back to where we were four years ago — the Winter Olympics going forward with a hockey tournament that features the best of the European leagues, along with a handful of select, targeted reinforcements from the minors, the college ranks and the NHL’s unemployment line.

Canada could see a diverse, exciting mix of future stars like Mason MacTavish and Owen Power, as well as old favorites like Eric Staal or Devan Dubnyk. The competition will be broadcast live to Canadians regardless of what. However, it won’t be as exciting as if the NHL was there. The NHL will use the Feb. 6-22 Olympic window to schedule the postponed matches and reschedule them in order to catch up by next month.

In a perfect world, this would be the week national teams would have launched their 25-player NHL-based Olympic Hockey rosters. Instead, we’re back to the same discouraging place we were four years ago, left to debate hypothetically who would have made the teams — and who would have missed the cut.

Jon Cooper is the Team Canada coach